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Anti Federalists Papers 

Federalists Papers

Cases and Case Law
Affidavits Case Law Doc

IRS Cases etc
Petition to Quash Summonses Dismissed
Labor is Not Taxable Supreme Court Cases
4th Amendment Case Officer Liable
11th Circuit RESPA
31 USC 742
Altering Checks
Appeals Fed Related
Benjamin J Rosco v. FHLMC
BK Hooper Ultra-Vires
Charles v. Check Rite 9th Circuit
Claims Court Sham Organizations
Daly w/Notes
EEOC v. Information Systems Consulting
11th Circuit Servicer
Failure to File Not a Crime
FDCPA Heintz v. Jenkins
FDCPA Nationwide
Foreclosure Requires Original Note
FRB Chicago
Glass Steagall Banking Powers
Government Cannot Force Contract
Gregory v. Helvering 1935
Hart v. GMAC
Hart - Ammend - Adv
Hart Post Trial Memo
Harvest Credit v. Brewer Answer Cross
Heintz v. Jenkins
History Law Memo 9
Hurt v. FNMA
IRS Agent Contempt
IRS Levy
IRS Padelford v. Mayor of Savannah
IRS v. Harrell IL
Jerome Daly
Judicial Lien Avoidance
Loan Servicing Duties RESPA
Loan Servicing zip
Lost Note
Memphis Bank and Trust v. Garner
Memphis Bank v. Garner
MERS v. Fairbanks Capital Defective Mtg
Mortgage Mich Many Issues
Need Original Note
No Note No Foreclosure
NY 31 USC 742
Reed Bank Violations
Servicer No Right
US v. Winstar Corp
USC Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad Co.
Vornado v. Primestone
Cases and Banking Quotes
Cases and Info Filing
Bank Loan Fraud
Bank Loans and Extending Credit
Corporate Powers of Association
False Advertising
IRS Returns
IRS Summons
Lay and Collect Taxes
Loan Servicing
Powers of Banks and Associations
Taxes on Labor
Truth and Lending Dec Trade Practices
W-4 Info
Cases zip
Cessna Finance Corp
Civil Complaint Reed Bank Violations
Fed Reserve Notes Declared Unconstitutional
MERS v. Fairbanks Capital Defective Mtg
United States Attorneys deny that the Internal Revenue