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June 6, 2013 | Episode 217

There were technically difficulties and so there is about a total of 30 minutes of no or poor communication.that was edited. 

At about 3:30 regarding the ‘but for test’ comments, I said but for the actions of the plaintiff. Should be, but for the actions of the defendant. 

In relation to the comments on banks and promissory notes I said - credit notes to a ‘financial asset account’ but meant to say, securities account, to wit,

Bill of exchange, promissory note

13.  A bill of exchange or promissory note to which the Bills of Exchange Act (Canada) applies is not a security, but is a financial asset if it is held in a securities account. 2006, c. 8, s. 13.

On another note I watched a trailer of a production put out April/May 2013 on free energy. In it was said the negatively charged particles seek the positively charged particles. It reminded me of Agent Smith, Neo's negative, always seeking Neo in the Matrix series of movies. It hit me the system agents are constantly seeking and going after people because we are considered the positive. I would say we are considered to be like the positively charged particles because we claim ownership which is to claim the value, the real positive charge the negatively charged system agents seek. I am not saying but suggesting that when one stops making the adverse claims which we do by claiming ownership, coupled with the government holds the evidence of title to the NAME, the government will receive the value of the thing purchased or to be purchased in NAME, and thusly; the system agents will have no reason to go after the One's (he/she) who stops making adverse claims and who also gets the evidence on the table the government holds THE title to the NAME. 

June 20, 2013 | Episode 219

06-22-2013 – Redeemer

Hi Lovers,

This is in addition to the talkshoe call 6-20-2013. The link to access the recording of that call is posted below.

We know or should know a birth certificate (BC) is not personal identification.

The term “personal” means belonging to men or women.

But the BC is not personal identification means: the BC is not property belonging to the man or woman who has one.

It is not our property and so it must have or serve a purpose other than what we gave it; to apply as persons for “entitlement” document” issued by government. Evidence of respect for persons, the dead. Driver License, Health Card, SIN Card, passport, bank account, on and on.

All things of the outer world which I posted last fall means we men and women suffer a net loss of something, e.g. birthright; Liberty.

Not our property so get rid of it.

The intended purpose of a BC, since it was never intended as personal id, can only be one;


The man, Son of God called by the name JESUS did not die that our sins/debts be forgiven by mans death but the death of JESUS, the NAME. The registered NAME we the living is giving life to, personifying.

“I” is “I” and how can “I” be “I” and that, VB, but in my mind.

The man called by the name JESUS showed us the way to redeem and receive ones birthright through redemption. Crucify the NAME, all personifications (respect of persons/sin), and liquidate all past, present, and future debt obligations forever and ever so long as one not go back to serve the beggarly elements.

“I AM” the Resurrection and the Life.

Maybe now you comprehend why I use that phrase often.

p.s. It would do no harm to dispose oneself of all “entitlement” documents; evidence of ones respect for persons.

Vic's Stuff on Skydrive
6/06/13 | My Private Audio Talkshoe Call | Episode 217 | Vic Beck The Monopoly Game | Host: Angela | Audio | Notes
6/20/13 | My Private Audio Talkshoe Call | Episode 219
Vic Beck Returns | Host: Angela | Audio | Notes

From Vic regarding our call on Thursday, June 20th, 2013

1) The Chapter Exodus in the Bible; the same is occurring today.
But in the end the Pharaoh had to give the property to the
people, former slaves.  There is a reason why and the same
reason also exists today.

2) Let those with eyes that see see and those with ears that hear
hear lest ye be deceived.

3) Anyone relying on or who gives credence to Acts, the
expression of the will of government, Tax Act, Traffic Act, even
the Constitution Act, is an actor because Acts require actors and
actors wear masks = status of person under bond and subject to
the will of the author of the Act/legislation.

Furthermore, our Father in Heaven cannot recognize us, knows
us not, because of the mask we wear; hence, God is no
respecter of persons nor should we be.

Contrary to 'belief', false truth; title to property has not passed
to government, it belongs to God and we, who do not give
respect to persons, who wear no mask, are the Children in His

Children of the promise; of the freewoman.

Such Children are in the Kingdom of God our Father and receive
enjoyment of property without the burdens persons bear.

The path to such enjoyment of inheritance is one. 

Things to consider:

When Moses went to the Pharaoh to have the Children of god
freed from captivity, he did not go in his own name but in the
Name of the Father. Government agents do the will of the
legislature in the name of Her Majesty.

Call it gold but gold is but a fruit of labouring, so labour is the

Is it not said the gilt-edged credit of the people is the basis of
government credit. Gilt-edged means golden.

So come to the call with an open mind. Know the difference
between beliefs and knowledge and truth and ye shall receive
the inherent birthright which no man or government or
corporation or person can give or withhold. I promise the
content will be, for all or most, like nothing you've heard before
or did not give thought to.

10/10/13 | My Private Audio Talkshoe Call | Episode 235
Vic Beck Returns | Host: Angela | Audio | Notes

I ask that people maintain an open mind and hear what is said before commenting. I use the term gold metaphorically. The signed original SoB (Statement/Certification of Birth document signed by mother or father), a very valuable document, is, for purposes of the call, akin to or representative of gold. We are going to take a different tact in that we are fully responsible for our choices, life, and reputation and also; fully responsible for debts, obligations, securities and undertakings incurred by us, things we do using the/our name, with one exception; we do not hold the gold, means to settle up, but it is our gold.

01/16/14 | My Private Audio Call | Episode 247 Host: Angela

I held a call last night (01/02/14) myself. I will get you the recording to give you a heads up of the subject. After the call it hit me what I was talking about is based on exactly what Col. Mandel House said......."forced to register or suffer being able to work and earn a living.....they will be our chattel forever and we will HOLD a SECURITY interest over them forever by operation of the LAW Merchant". I know now exactly what he meant and why he said that and, the gig is up. He is right, so long as we partake in a certain type of activity, the security interest is in full force and effect and this from where I sit is why everyone is trapped and nothing, relief, is consistent or effective. We are under the law merchant.....which is the first and primary, ancient law on pledges, Securities....
01/16/2014  | Episode 248 Listen to Prior Audio and read the pdf
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