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fighting to break free from unjust alleged “debt”
fighting to stay healthy ... body, mind & spirit
without attorneys, doctors or gurus ...
under a “private membership association”
... we let Truth reign  

Hi Private Nobody,

You don't know me, but I've listened to your Great advice for at least a couple of years now - I was sooooo glad you came on as a guest specifically on a very expensive program I had signed up for a couple years ago.  I thought at that time - "man, this is such a disorganized program, but no one else is out there doing this, but we seem to have no other choice"- - the founder seemed genuine, but something wasn't right, they bounced from one thing to another, they hooked up with a lawyer and his assistant came who seemed to have some practical knowledge.. but I found it was your knowledge that had me coming back ...your very humble telling people what you, as a guest that had the knowledge of the Big Picture, cared about helping people. You were there, giving out the practical, real world advice, and, so I kept attending the weekly meetings for a while...

Then, of course, on Angela’s and other after hours TS [TalkShoe] shows, you’ve always connected with people in terms they could understand, with a kind heart, and none of the patronizing hurtful ways of the so-called "gurus"...

So, I'm sooooooo glad you're doing this, and that the Almighty spoke to you, and I truly believe that!

Personally, I've been trying to save our properties - long story - and helping others that I hooked up with in our area - we do it stealthily. …

… I remember a while back you mentioned this simple way you're going to be revealing - by fixing the mistake.  It's so good that this process did not get disproven, and this could be a method to reach the millions of families in this war.  The unguru program is PERFECT! The use of fixing the mistake, of a network, and the membership which allows free flow of information without crossing the line of "practicing law without a license". - all, perfect, perfect, perfect.

I'm very excited about this, and can't wait for it to get going. Please let me know how I can get involved, I'll give the non guru network my full 200% + time and effort - for all of us - just need to know how to help.  This is a Huge Task and we need a network like this - numbers of people - to make it happen! …

… So, that's who I am and what I bring to the network.

Please let me know how I can be of help right away!

Thank you and I thank the Almighty for speaking through you.  We are all blessed.


The NonGuru Network, PMA, is a private network of solidarity and of uncommon knowledge regarding law, finance and alternative health for the common man and woman who collectively seek The Truth. They do this without reliance on attorneys, doctors or gurus (who often lead people astray) and, most importantly, without governmental interference of their private matters.

There is room for every noble thought in The NonGuru Network, PMA that seeks to do a good work and to serve righteously their fellow man and woman.

The NonGuru Network, PMA is for individuals seeking to learn and apply the Truth, groups who want to be unrestrained in their legal and/or their alternative health activities, and for unlicensed teachers and service providers of law and alternative health.

These people, who often think outside of the box and are often targeted by the authorities who protect big business and the Bar Association, will absolutely find this a great network to exercise their freedom of choice under the protection of the “Private Membership Association.”

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This is an email The NonGuru Network PMA received on March 8, 2011, which is why people who think outside the box should be supporting and joining (when available) The NonGuru Network, PMA. This email had so much excitement in it that we had to share it (edited for readability and for protection of privacy; reprinted by permission):

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July 8, 2011 Launch Call Announcement
For The NonGuru Network, PMA
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