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updated: November 8, 2013
John Stuart's New Items of Interest
Clarification and Sample of a Forensic Exam
IRS Notice of Lien Information
From One of Our Members

Item 1   A Comprehensive Analysis
Item 2   Confidentialty and Disclosure
Item 3   Russel Shirts Letter
Item 4   Recordation of NOFTL
Items mentioned on the call of 6/23/2011
Angela's Notes | From John Stuart's
Webinar Class Aug 8, 2011 | FIND THE FAKE TRUSTEE
You have to understand Neo, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged, and many of them are so inert, so hoplessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it. ~ Morpheus
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Divine Mind Group
From John Stuart

This Sunday class will be, in order: (, id no. 89902, 5pm Arizona time)

1. Ratification of Commencement
2. QWR
3. Questions and Answers

If I get thru those quickly we can discuss UCC and Quiet Title in State Court.

From John Stuart
Regarding the Sunday Night call

The format will change a little.

1. I will be teaching from my new workbook. Go to and you can get the workbook as a gift for a donation of $99. or more
2. No pay-the-idiot or pay-tri-idiot stuff will be discussed. I am thru trying to save morons from themselves.
3. The talkshoe is only for people that want to learn the truth and are willing to fight the banks in court thru Quiet title. I will no longer waste my time or my students time trying to save the people that are full of that insane pay-the-idiot crap.
4. If you don't want to learn from the workbook, feel free to listen in but only questions regarding my teachings from the book will be discussed and answered.
5. If you cannot afford to make a donation search thru my old emails and you can round up most of the stuff.
6. I will be teaching per chapter of the workbook but will take questions at any time on any chapter.
7. The talkshoe will be done more like an actual college class from now on. I am the TEACHER and I am here to teach you how to win your home and property rights thru a quiet title suit.
8. Read the workbook and write down your questions so we can be more organized and everyone can learn quicker.
9. Discussions are allowed, no arguments.

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From John Stuart

1, The Quiet Title 5th Edition is the ONLY workbook for the class.

2. Class will be conducted as any other college level law class.

3. You will be expected to have read the material for that day's class before the class.

3. To ask questions you MUST:
a. be on the email list and read the mass emails I disperse; and
b. Have bought and read at least those chapters in the 5th edition workbook that we are discussing that class.

4. When you call in: immediately MUTE your phone on your end. If you make noise and disrupt class you shall be blocked for that class.

5. Do NOT type into the chat board:
a. references to other groups calls, info, theories, etc.
b. advertising for yourself or your group
c. pay-the-idiot concepts
d. insults

6. No interrupting, even if you think I am wrong, wait your turn and we shall discuss why you are incorrect. This also includes expanding on what I am teaching.

7. No more off topic discussions. They distract from the class.

8. We will attempt to have open Q & A for the last 15 minutes of class or if we finish a chapter and do not have enough time to complete the next chapter.

9. Class will be scheduled so as to begin at the beginning of the workbook and continue in chapter order to the end. There will be exceptions.

10. I am TEACHER, I am the teacher for this class, I make the rules, I change the rules; if you cannot or will not abide by the rules there are sporting events on Sunday night you can watch and yell at your tv about, because "your team" is either winning or losing; either way I doubt the outcome will improve your life.

Quiet title Workbook
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