Show me the loan!
County Recorder
email #1

We try and record the forensic exam in Maricopa and ofcourse they refuse, anything to help the banks. But Pinal County, (they are small and borke), will record a dead bug on  a napkin, because the law says they MUST and they need the money.

Attached is a document that we will serve (process server, not mail) to Helen Purcell to let her know she has an issue.

Anyone can use this in any state, just change the laws.


email #2

I will try to clarify my previous email.

1.    Fill out the "NOTICE OF COMPLETION OF FORENSIC EXAMINATION" and add the forensic examination as the exhibit. If you want to do it some other way, that is fine, but I don't need to be told my way didn't work when someone decides to add or delete something. I do it a certain way for a reason.
(Add the word NOT to a sentence and see if it makes the sentence different)

2.    Try to record the document. Before you saying anything, get a picture and the full name of the person you are about to talk to.
(Or don't and just don't waste my time telling me you forgot to get their name and picture)

3.    When they don't record it, go immediately (immediately is a word that is very similar to the statement right the f@^&%**%k now) to Pinal County Recorder and record the document. Be early enough (before 3pm) to get the original back or you will have to wait 6 weeks and pay for a certified copy.
(that means allow enough drive time so you don't tell me you got there late because its a long drive and you won't have the original back for 6 weeks and so you had to pay $60 for a certified copy)

4.    Fill out the LAWFUL NOTICE (add exhibits as instructed) and have a "process server" hand deliver the document to Helen Purcel, not your neighbor Helen, but Helen the Maricopa County Recorder.
(A process server is a court officer, he is not a mail carrier and does not drive a weird looking van that say USPS on the side, they are different, I know, I met them)

a.    if the clerks get 3 hits on thier bond they may be looking for a real job
b.    process servers are "court officers" and therefore the document has been handled by the court when Helen recieves it
c.    I write up documents in accordance with a lot of research and experience, if anyone can do better, I wish they would, but if they change my stuff talk to them, not to me.
d.    If you want to file some kind of fraudulent doc or notify the recorder of such, please leave me out of it. The recorder's office is for notifying the public of the truth, not for notifying the public of lies, or lies committed by other people.

P.S. Spread the word about the labor day seminar, or start sending massive donations so I don't have to keep asking for money, and sometimes food.

John C; of the family Stuart, sui juris
The Ecclesiastical Order of : Mobius Nemesis
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Show me the loan!
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