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Robert's BIOAudio Archive  2/24/11 | Episode 97

Robert is a Free Man ------
I am staying with my sister, Ellen Fotti, and can be reached at
The mail location:
#1515 @1750 Pembina Hwy
Winnipeg, Manitoba    R3T 4J5
Robert Fox Response doc to Article By Adam Bosch Times Herald-Record
Published: 2:00 AM - 01/30/11

NYPD Taskforce doc

Letter to Rupert Murdock doc May 30th, 2011
Summary of Case by Robert Fox
Case Update April 2012 pg 1 and pg 2  
Robert Fox
R O B E R T   F O X   S E M I N A R
OCTOBER 1st  &  2nd  2011,
9-5 Saturday and 9-3 Sunday, at Casa Grande, Arizona

    Robert was attacked ten times by the "authorities", U.S. State Department, F.B.I., A.T.F., I.R.S., U.S. Customs, U.S. Marshals and I.N.S. attempting to imprison him for 100 years. The "authorities" lost every time.

    Robert will show the actual evidence of winning cases such as U.S. vs. Fox 766 F.Supp. 569, as it was cited at 18 USCA §1546(a) until Congress changed the law. Robert can verify the unanimous win on a Habeas Corpus at the Texas Supreme Court, as well as other Habeas Corpus wins.  Robert filed one affidavit and won a federal felony case so fast that the prosecution didn’t have a chance to take the case to the grand jury.  Amazingly, even where there is a law clearly violated, such as ‘FAILURE TO IDENTIFY’, Robert has won at the prima facie break!

    Reverend Austin Miles said: “He [Robert] knows the ‘Allocution’ procedure which I used at the sentencing and walked out of the court when they were going to jail me on the spot”. Robert has coached people in state and federal cases, whereby they walk right out of the courthouse at their sentencing because going to prison is voluntary and they knew what to say, and did not get tricked into "volunteering". 

    Robert FOX will share his knowledge and experience of litigating civil and criminal cases, overcoming slick shyster tricks, making Habeas Corpus more effective, showing cause, offering of proof & lawsuit tactics, as well as how to bond out for free in most cases, or how to deal with mental competence challenges, agency, beating contempt, Allocution and more... 

    If you want to learn all the above, or how to take any police officer, deputy sheriff, FBI agent, IRS agent, attorney, or judge, and get them on the record to realize that they do not have enough years left in their lives to do the prison time they have so diligently earned, come and learn how, and what to say, and do, when YOU become the target  of the "public servants".

$200.00 PER PERSON FOR BOTH DAYS. Spouses get FREE admission.

Please reserve space as soon as possible as seats are filling up.  Quality Hotels are as low as $59.00 per night. You will be sent a map and places to stay as soon as we receive your reservation.         
Door admittance will be $250.00 per person. Call 480-980-7960 for RSVP and payment information.

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