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1) Find the Deed. The Warranty Deed they talk about is called different things in different areas. It may be referred to as a Transfer of Property or Title, a Quit Claim Deed. Ours just said Deed. The main thing to know is that this document is usually the first recording in the county records for that particular property, as it is the document where the previous owner, builder, developer,(GRANTOR), granted the property to you (GRANTEE).
If you have an original wet ink signature of that document you may
go to step 3.
If you do not have a wet ink signature you have to go to the county, wherever they keep the record of deeds, and ask for a CERTIFIED Copy of that Document.

2) Prepare your Acknowledgment Certificate and have your three Witnesses sign it.
   NOTE: It is very important to have 3 Witnesses. It does not matter if the court doesn’t require any Witnesses, you still get 3 Witnesses. Did I tell you You Have to have 3 Witnesses? 

3) Take the paperwork to a Notary in the county of the property and recording.
   NOTE: make sure your notary is a notary in the county and is registered in your county with the clerk of courts office.
Have the Notary notarize the Acknowledgment Certificate. The man/ woman making the acknowledgment has to sign in front of the Notary, so do not sign when your Witnesses are signing unless they are in front of the Notary. Do not have the notary stamp or mark anything on the Wet Ink Signature / Certified Copy of the Deed, that must stay unaltered.

4)Take the Acknowledgment Certificates and the Wet Ink Signature / Certified Copy of the Deed to the County Clerk of courts office and ask for the Deputy Clerk of Courts. Tell them you need a Certificate of Authority, or in our case an Authentication Certificate, for the Notary on the Acknowledgment Certificate and the Wet Ink Signature / Certified Copy of the Deed.
NOTE: We have a basic Authorization Certificate prepared for you. Bring 2 with you, one for the Notary verification on the Acknowledgment and the other for the Notary verification on the Deed. You may not have to use your Authorization Documents because they may be required to use their own. You are bringing them with you in the event they don’t have the document in their office, it will save you time from running around looking for and preparing one and making another trip back there. (Better to bring them and not need them, than to need them and not have them). In our case they did have their own, it was a strip of paper with the writing and the Seal on it. The DeputyClerk of Courts called their Authentication Certificate a FLAG. One got stapled to the Acknowledgment Certificate and the other to the Deed.

5) Take all of the documents to the place where the Deeds are Recorded and ask to have all the papers recorded as one document. Make sure they are being recorded as a Record of Deed Correction.

6) Ask for a Certified copy of the recording. May take a day or so to process before you can get a certified copy.

NOTE: Please be patient and courteous through the process. Make sure you have done your home work and have everything prepared ahead of time. DO NOT go there and try to put things together in their office, holding up others and creating an atmosphere of stress. DO NOT try to explain the process to anyone while you are in these offices, ANYONE. If they ask why you are doing this, tell them you are doing it for a Modification. You do not have to explain what kind of Modification. If they question your process, documents, reason, just say the people that are helping me with my Modification say we really need to do it. The folks at our County said, you do not have to acknowledge the deed as the grantee, it only needs the signature of the grantor. They said, we do thousands of these deeds and we have never had any problems, in fact you people are the first we have ever had that wanted to do this.

Our Certified copies will be ready Monday. We can view our docs online now. They said they would prepare the Sole Owner Deed and send it to us.

I Have been invited to a conference call to talk about it tomorrow.

~thom here,
Do you or anyone you know need some relief?
I am going to be on this Conference call tomorrow Talking about some great info brought to my attention early this week. Several of us have already gone through this process and hope to share some of our experiences in hopes we can make your experience smoother. Hope to hear you all there. Thanks to John for providing the means to getting this very important info out.
This is a pay it forward process.

Conference call time: 1:30pm EST to 2:30pm EST

Date: 10/15/2011
Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0075
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