updated: July 28, 2015
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I am not an attorney or counsellor-at-law.  I only provide Research Material and you are free to use it, modify it or not to use it. The DECISION IS EXCLUSIVELY YOURS! 

As to filing Form 1040s, again that is solely your choice and the responsibility is 100% yours. This is an implied-in-law contract that states you want to be in the “District of Columbia” under the plenary Powers of Congress with no individual rights and no constitutional courts.

The research I provide Supports the issue that you have no Known “legal duty” to file 1040s and the use of the term “taxable year” in 7701(a)(23) is the key with 7701(a)(16).

You must register as a “citizen of your state” and not a “citizen of the United States and you must put your status into the public record. Contact me for this information.

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