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Dear Friends,

Thanx for your mail and thanx for listening to the conference call! (Talkshoe call ID 39904 Episode 95)

Suggested donation for my Right of Way package is anything up to $50 in compelled FRNs wrapped in foil or a totally blank postal (or other type) money order for the same amount; or, at least a dozen bagels—good ones please;  It's well worth it! 

My LETTER AND TABLEANDUM on Right of Way and Free Passage is the main supporting document, compiled by me from many authoritative sources.  It took much time and sweat, and it is correct in form, substance and validity.  You'll love it.

Be wise!  Copy, paste and save this email in a separate file to  your computer.

MCS-150 Registration Application Form Info:

Here is the link to the instructions for the MCS-150 and the form for submitting by mail; however, online registration is highly recommended.  These instructions are good to know and are OK for background, education and reference, but you can just follow the ones I pasted at the very end of this email.

Here is the link to begin filling out the form online.  You need to use a credit or debit card but they don't charge anything on the card.

Step by step instructions are pasted at the end of this email for submitting the form online.

You can go to SAFER, at to see my registration online.  Enter the number 1881678 into the "Enter Value" dialog box. 

I have also attached the "corrected version" of my "Private Automobile Registration" which I downloaded and modified myself and which I printed in color on cardstock, placed in a plastic sleeve and carry with me when I travel. I also wrote my own "driver's license" in my own handwriting.  It says:

"I, Michael James Anthony, by in capita sovereign body authority, hereby give myself permission to, and declare myself competent to drive."

I also attached the definition of in capita for you.

The only reason I suggest any donation is because I help people full time now; some can donate; some cannot.  I do not withhold information from those who cannot make a donation.  I do not discriminate and I don't "sell" anything.

The "plate" is a standard 12" wide by 6" high and I suggest, for example, simply


That is my number so please don’t use it on your plate.

Make it in 2 inch high black letters and numbers on a white background on the plate itself (mine is white aluminum) but others have used words on it, such as


None of that is required and I didn't want anything else on mine.  You can have it made out of metal, plastic, or even laminated cardstock.  You should be able to find many local businesses that can make the plates for you.  You may have to provide them with the position of the holes to attach it with screws.  Just measure a regular old license plate if they don’t have a template already.  There are also many online companies that make plates such as or

And there you have it!

All correspondence to

Michael James Anthony
In Care of River Eyes
1918 North Seventh Street
Boise City, Idaho state

Exactly in that style.  Please no abbreviations and no ZIP code necessary.  If you insist just add [83702] in the brackets.

I also attached my flyer with info on my “Educational Research Compilations” (ERCs) that contain much of my research over the years.  If you want a great education, order them all, especially the “General Subject Area” folders.  It’s 500 megabytes of knowledge and information. Also attached my "biographical profile" so you can get to know me.

Thanx again, and

Corso Securo,

Safe Travels, and . . .

I remain, yours,

Michael James Anthony

"Here lives a free man. Nobody serves him."
--Albert Camus, writer, philosopher, Nobel laureate (1913-1960)

Instructions follow:

US DOT - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Form MCS-150 - Motor Carrier Identification Report


1. Go to the Registration Options Page

2. For New Registration skip "A" and go to

B.  Type of business - Select "Vehicle Registrant but not a Motor Carrier"

C.  Select Location (state)

D.  Type of Operation - Select "Private"

E.  Maximum Extent of Operation in U.S - Select "Not Applicable"

F.  Hazardous Materials - Select "No"

G.  Skip

H.  Type of Vehicle(s) to be Operated. Select "Passenger Vehicles carrying 1-8 passengers (including driver)."

I.   Select “Not Applicable.”

3.  Click on "Continue"

Displays the "New or Additional Registration" page which will say

"The system has determined that you need to file a Form MCS-150 (Motor Carrier Identification Report)."

Write down the "Registration Tracking Number" and the "Personal Identifier" for your records and for future reference. [Note: Pages may be saved and/or printed at any time. I suggest doing this.]

4.  Click on "File Electronically" or go back to and in the “Continue filling out application section,” select

“Use your registration tracking number and tracking identifier to continue filling in your registration (one of the following forms: MCS-150, MCS-150B, OP-1, OP-1(P), OP-1(FF), CT Registration, or update Operating Authority (MC/FF/MX number)).”

Displays Credit Card page.

5.  Complete the "Credit Card Page" - You will need a debit or credit card to apply online.  No charge to card and it can be someone else's card according to the DOT clerk to whom I spoke.  This may have changed since then.  [On any "authorization page" use names and titles as shown elsewhere on the form.]

Complete the rest of the form.  Use my online “Company Snapshot” or attached “Private Automobile Registration” for guidance or use your own common sense and judgment.  Enter as little information as possible but do not enter any false information.  For your “Title” you can be the “authorized representative,” or the “Trustor” if you wish, or whatever title you choose to use.  Don’t worry about capitalization as you can change it when you modify your registration later.

Voila!  Displays "Confirmation Page" with your new USDOT Number.  Write it down!  Save the page to your computer in a folder.

At bottom of "Confirmation Page" it will say

"To print a facsimile in PDF format of your registration entry, click the appropriate GO Button:” 

Remember, save as many of the pages to your computer as you can!

Within a day or two, your "Company Snapshot" will be displayed when you do a search for the number on the "SAFER Web page." (US DOT Number Lookup).

Link to US DOT Number Lookup "SAFER Web" page for "Company Snapshot."

Print the page and store it in a plastic sleeve for use as your "Registration," or modify it as I have done mine, or in your own way.

Create your "plates."  Number must be readable from 50 feet away during the day while car is stationary. 

Keep it simple.  I attached an image of my tag and pictures of the plates on my car.

Remember, you cannot display a "vehicle registrant only" number on a commercial motor vehicle!  Likewise, a vehicle that displays a "vehicle registrant only" number is NOT a commercial motor vehicle!  It is private property.  The government has no power, authority or jurisdiction over private property.  There is a substantial difference between a "motor vehicle" and an "automobile."  See my Tableandum.

Remember also that you are not a motor carrier.  You are a non-carrier and non-commerce.  All State motor vehicle registrations are for motor carriers ONLY so you are EXEMPT from getting one.  That is why you have an MCS-150 registration.  See attached images of Idaho Motor Carrier registration application and form and the back of the actual Idaho registration form that "everyone" gets without realizing that they commited an act of fraud by falsely declaring that they are a motor carrier!  Note the use of the word "operations" in two different places on the registration.

It says, "if you are registering as a motor carrier, by signing the front of this document . . . "  which means that if you sign the document you are declaring that you are a motor carrier, and are subject to all the motor carrier regulations!  If you were to do that it would be fraud, and that is why you should not ever apply for a State motor vehicle motor carrier registration.


My number is:



Again, the DOT MCS-150 registration number is issued instantly but you will need a PIN number to modify the application.  You have to request one and they will mail it to you.  Here is the link to request a PIN once your registration is complete. 


Click on “Yes.”  Displays the credit card page again to verify your “electronic signature.”  Complete the rest of the request for the PIN and wait for it to arrive in the mail.  Keep a physical file folder for all the correspondence you may get from FMCSA (Confirmation letter, etc.), and I suggest making a computer document file (a Word document or a PDF or any other word processing program) with all of the pertinent info about your MCS-150 application and your PIN number so you can find it easily when you need it.
I also attached a pertinent code summary, table of authorities on driver, traffic and transportation, and my research paper on Right of Way that cites, among many other cases and codes, 49 CFR 395.1  that uses the phrase "traveling, not driving."  Also attached info on Article the fourth, which applies to all “seizures” (as when you are “pulled over”) and some of the supreme court cases cited therein.

Download all the files attached to this email to one folder before you begin and refer to them often when completing this process and when traveling.


Once again, my mail location is:

Michael James Anthony 
In Care of 1918 North Seventh Street
Boise City, Idaho State

or if necessary, call me at 208-703-4491.

Safe Travels, Peace, Justice , and . . .

I remain, yours,

Pro Libertate Patriae,
"For the Liberty of My Country"

Michael James Anthony

In capita.  To the heads; by heads or polls.  Persons succeed to an inheritance in capita when they individually take equal shares.

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