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They both touched my life in a positive way. I will never forget them.
The many lives that have been changed by his life. There is not a loss but a gain for the people and what one great man did for his countrymen. only the flesh is passed. blessings and prayer. You will be missed

I will never forget the joy that you, Joe, Little Missy and Olie brought into my life. It didn't seem possible that something so good, could last.  I'll see you on the other side darling.
It was obvious in the short time that I knew of Jerry and his work that he touched many people, both in terms of his generous heart and help and his tremendous caring about peoples' well being. I will miss him very much.
I had the privilege of meeting Jerry and Joe this past December in Burbank, CA. I was impressed with the zeal and conviction they displayed and their eagerness to share their knowledge and experience so freely with those seeking relief from the economic oppression many are facing today. They will be dearly missed, but never forgotten.
For they have not gone far and are at your beck and call in mind body and in deed. You have only to be at peace in your mind and in that being still they will come again to bring you great joy, love and forgivness. Their leaving is by design for they have a higher calling, and recognizing this calling chose a method of departure that draws attention to their purpose for being here, and their not being here. Blessings,

You will be missed. Your deaths will not be in vain. We will continue your work. You have left a legacy of service, kindness, and of people helping people. You have been a great role model for me. I thank you.
I listened to Jerry recording and felt he was a very kind, helpful person when you needed his help the most. He devoted his time and I believed his life to help others. Donna Lee, please be strong, we are going to support you. God Bless.

Donna Lee, I never met Jerry and Joe, but my heart goes out to you. My husband was killed almost 6 years ago and the police covered it up. They spread rumors that family believed and attacked me over. It was a nightmare. I'm still having it investigated - Truth always prevails. No matter how difficult it is, keep every single picture and article and keep them to look them over in detail when you're able. Get the police reports, crime lab reports, video's - anything you can get. It will be very helpful in time. I just want you to know what I learned. I cannot imagine your grief and shock. The pain is so intense. I cry every time I think of such beautiful people being gunned down and how difficult it must be for you. Please know people care for you even if you don't know them. I do...

The sharing of you fearless leadership and tireless research will be missed by thousands of your devoted followers. Perhaps someday we'll learn the actual truth of what happened in W. Memphis, AR on May 20th. 2010, that took both your life and your son's, as well as two other officers.

Please be strong and you have all the blessings in Yahwee creation . Jerry and Joe are a legend, and a true insperation for all of us .We will go together to the end . Love and Hugs to you Sister .
The world will not be the same. These people were doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. I am sure that they can work in a higher plane now, but will be sorely missed. thank you Jerry and Joe.
Jerry and Joe thank your for your mentoring and the hope you have given to so many of us. You were ahead of your time. May your memory and your legacy live on forever.
Jerry and Joe has left a legacy and a "feeling" that won't be forgotten by anyone who loves and yearns the truth. I am saddened by our loss (and GOD Bless Donna), as well as I am just as saddened as I didn't get the opportunity to meet the "Dynamic Duo". Jerry was charismatic with a wealth of energy, knowledge, determination, and pursuit of the TRUTH. And with those ingredients, he couldn't help but SHINE. He has motivated me even more than before...and I will follow him and ALL that he gave for us to see, search, and FEEL!!!! I 'feel' him in many ways as a Soldier no matter how many times there has been frauds upon him to suggest differently!
I never met them, but I heard lots of good things I wish I met them, but he left a legacy of information to a lots of people. But he did not deserve to die that way its really sad.
Jerry and Joe were Angles (messengers) from Yahweh. Jerry never charged or asked for money for his service. He would say I'll except a donation but it is not necessary I'm here to help you. The house across the street was in foreclosure. Jerry gave of his wealth of knowledge freely to help our neighbors. Our neighbors lived in their home for five years without paying one cent on the mortgage or property taxes.

Our neighbors decided that they did not want to continue the battle for their home. Jerry still had several ideas to save the home.

Jerry and Joe were men of Yahweh and their spirits touched the lives of those they came in contact with. Jerry and Joe will be remembered by all for the good fruit (truth) they shared with others. But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. God is a Spitit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

Jerry and Joe were true worshippers of Yahweh and their spirits and good works lives on.
~Gary & Anita
My heart goes out to you in sorrow and strength. We are being tried these days. It is truly a troubling time to be alive. Jerry and Joe remain with all of us providing strength to move forward. Stay strong first for yourself and second for what Jerry and Joe believed in. We love all of you.
Jerry was there for me when it came time to sharing his views on how to proceed against the stronghold of corruption by the courts. His use of GSA forms in conjunction with asserting "who you are" helped me get through those sordid caustic days. He wanted us to stand up for who we were and if that meant "vomiting on thier shoes" he was right their beside us, empowering us to accomplish that task. He disliked what the courts were doing to so many that he put himself out there often devoid of resources just for the satisfaction of hearing that we stood our ground. I know Jerry was happy and in harmony just before his life abruptly ended and he was so looking forward to new beginnings with Donna. I never met Joe but heard he was a wonderful young man helping those in need to stop foreclosures and aid in prison release, and following in his fathers big shoes. They both will be sorely missed.

God Bless you Jerry and Joe Kane for the tireless efforts you put forth for so many. The movement will only be stronger as a result of your ill-fated passing. We will surely miss you. May your teachings live on Blessings and God Speed.
I called Jerry 4 times on the phone, at all times of the day or night. He always answered, I had a issue with a credit card company he help me with. A mortgage issue, he told me what to do about. How to use the forms 28,90,91 effectively. I'm a black man from Philadelphia Pennsylvania.( Jerry was not a racist) They were my brothers, I'll miss them forever,great respect for him and Joe. I will keep your names going and do good work like y'all did.
~Peace Family
I met Jerry, Joe, Olie and Little Missy in the summer of 2009. I will always remember feeling very safe with them. I found them to be intelligent, helpful and thoughtful. They spoke with me, always as equals. I will forever remember their sense of humor, their delight in helping others. Jerry and Joe were my friends. I miss them very much. Salve, vale... salve. I pray.
Agree with your adversary quickly, while you are in the way, (before you go to court), with him, lest at any time the adversary deliver you to the judge, and the judge deliver you to the officer, and you be cast into prison. Truly I say to you, you will not come out of there until you have paid your last penny.” (Matthew 5:25-26)
I had the pleasure of meeting Jerry and Joe in Fontana before they moved to Arizona. Both were very open and helpful. They were nice enough to download all their info to my Flash Drive-The Big Burn. I also had a private meeting with Jerry and Joe in Fullerton, and met the dogs, and also helped set up a Whittier Seminar for about 40 people. Jerry was always great and Joe was one sharp young man, a tribute to home schooling. I am deeply shocked and saddened to hear of their loss. So many things don't add up, and I have a feeling we never will learn the truth. We must go on to fight for the truth. God Bless them both. You will not be forgotten.
Dear Jerry,
You will be sadly missed how your mind processed the information is truly a blessed event and i hope n pray that others will not be scared to do the lord's will also. Hosea 4:6 my people perish for lack of Knowledge AMEN and Rest in knowing you made changes in others also.
~Jeffery Scott
You will be missed
and remembered for your dedication to helping so many people and speaking the truth
~Tom Leach
Jerry was a giant of a man, a true patriot and truly a brother to all of us. He will be missed, but my only hope is that out of this tragedy, a martyr is born and the movement will strenghten, just like what happened after Martin Luther King was gunned down in Memphis.
~Gerry W.
I first met Jerry and Joe at a seminar in Fontana last August I believe. Angela filmed the event. I was new to foreclosure talk and was overwhelmed. But I continued to investigate. Jerry talked tough about public officials, but one on one talk with him you could see he really cared about the injustice the mortgage business put on us.
There is a silver lining here. You couldn't have paid for better publicity for the movement. By the TV news and newspapers posting his video's and posting his website all the people who went there saw things that were very out of the box. I feel with the official govt. forms and the references to check sent a lot of them looking further in to the deception. In fact they didn't silence Jerry they created a martyr.
The few times I talked to him he was gracious and had the patience of a saint trying to get me to understand what he said. I will miss him and Joe.

Say Not, They Die, Those Splendid Souls

Say not, they die, those splendid souls,
Whose life is winged with purpose fine;
Who leave us, pointed to the goals;
Who learn to conquer and resign.
Such cannot die; they vanquish time,
And fill the world with glowing light,
Making the human life sublime
With memories of their secret might.
They cannot die whose lives are part
Of the great life that is to be;
Whose hearts beat with the world’s great heart,
And throb with its high intensity.
Those souls are great, who, dying, gave
A gift of greater life to man;
Death stands abashed before the brave;
They own a life death cannot ban.

I am so sorry I never had the privilege to meet Jerry & Joe personally. It is their determination, courage and charity that will always remain in my heart through the difficulties of the cross we all carry. My prayer is that all those that Jerry & Joe helped will "PAY IT FORWARD".
God Bless You & Your Family.
I talked to Jerry Kane on two different occasions he was very nice and helpful! He devoted his time and I believed his life to help others. Donna Lee, I cant even imagine the pain you are feeling I pray for you every day, God Bless You.
~Jenny Angel
Grace bee to you and peace, from God the Father, and from our Lord Iesus Christ
Much as the song goes ... your candle burned out long before your legend ever will ...
Rev 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sate vpon them, and iudgement was giuen vnto them: & I saw the soules of them that were beheaded for the witnesse of Iesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had receiued his marke vpon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they liued and reigned with Christ a thousand yeeres.
(from the uncopyrighted 1611 AD, First Edition of the King James Version of The Holy Bible... the ancient of days, the Word ... as a matter of the Law, friends)
.. and yet, you live ... in Paradise, with Him! May your joy in His Presence rain down on Us.

I was scheduled to meet Jerry and Joe in Safety Harbor, FL. As you can imagine the shock and dismay of learning of their loss to so many people. My heart goes out to you Donna for the pain and suffering you must be experiencing. One can only hope that the truth about this unfortunate event will surface. Yes, they will be missed!
I had the privilege of speaking with Jerry on a few occasions and found him to be possessed of a kind, peaceful, loving heart. His commitment to truth and desire to help, without judgment, were extraordinary.

I pray God's blessings for Jerry, Joe and the entire family. Peace be with you now and always.
Jerry & Joseph will be missed not only for the educational information they both possessed and so freely shared with all, but also for their love of people, and genuine interest in their fellowmen and women. I consider them to be "Heros".
Donna, you have lost much but you have been loved much!!
I will be praying for you as you take up Jerry & Joseph's "mantle" and go forward!!! We are all with you.
It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God
that such men lived.
~George S. Patton, Jr.
You will be missed. You were an inspiration
You will be missed. You assisted me and asked for nothing. No hesitation.
May Jerry & Joe's memory live on, and may God comfort their loved ones from this Great loss.
I treasure the basic concepts Jerry taught. His concepts will continue in some form and in his memory.
They were both an inspiration and taught me so much. They will be deeply missed.
I wish I had the chance to meet you personally. Both of you ispired many, specially me. Your deeds were not in vain.
~Jay Jay
I know Both of you are in Heaven. Free from this crazy injust world. You will be missed
You will be missed. Though Jerry and Joe have fallen by the hands of those who do not understand, their legacy will grow and prosper and no bullet will be able to stop it.
i am deeply saddened by this story and have not played into the media hype.. all i know is that regardless of what happened on that horrible day, i have seen NO evidence of them killing officers, only video of them being killed brutally by officers..joe was caught up in a bad situation and was killed by government officials! the men involved should be charged with MURDER!!!i'm from arkansas and am interested in making a documentary film about the actual story and trying to get to see the video.. contact me if you need help with anything ya'll!I'm very sorry for your loss but together we can get to the bottom of this atrocity.
~justin elkins
Jerry and Joe Kane led me on journey for knowledge and a new way of looking at life. I will never forget them and compassion they shared
~Josh D
To all who knew and loved Jerry I just want to say that even though I never met him he made a tremendous impact on my life. Through watching his video seminar here on Angelas' site I have gained a vast amount of knowledge, insight, and courage. I have since done a three step process on my CFO at mortgage company using some of Jerry'teaching and have obtained a default and recorded it in my county. So far so good! GOD bless Jerry, his son Joe and you!
Jerry, you will be missed. Jerry gave me courage that I didn't know I had. Donna Lee, I know he loved you with all his heart. I also know, with all my heart, we will be with our loved ones again in the wonderful world God has waiting for us. The horrid evil that exists in this world will be handled by God. He has promised this, so never fear. The "THEYS" who did this will meet our Maker, and the ones whom they murdered. In the mean time, He has a purpose for you while you are here. I pray for you and I know God is with you. Be everything that you are. Be all the gifts that God made you. They must be awesome or Jerry would not have picked you for his wife!!!! I love you!
I was sorry to hear about your loss. Please do not give up your fight to know the truth. You deserve answers. We all do! I am fighting my own battle to be free and sovereign. My crime is I refuse to obtain a state issued drivers license. I claim a sovereign unalienable right to travel and seeking the states permission to drive is simply an alien thought that I can not comprehend. For the past 12 years I have worked for a local private detective agency. Recently I have started working for myself and in the process assisting some that claim to be wrongfully accused. My area of investigation is limited to Northeast Pennsylvania. Never-the-less, if I can be of assistance to you I would certainly do what I can to help you. In any criminal investigation the primary question is where is your proof? If they had proof they would have presented it already. This situation does not pass the smell test! I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you. If you have an email list please add me to it. I will be following this story on the Internet - that is where I found your e-mail address.I am nobody special but I still wanted to write and encourage your heart. Stay close to God and keep asking for proof.Again, I am nobody special but I am praying for you and am sorry for your loss.
You will be missed, and I all ways have love in the heart for a soldier. You gave me encouragement to make it happen on this bankers acceptance success in February. Also how you looked at being truly free in mind, body and soul. Your legacy will live on.

~Ron G
We will get to the bottom of this travesty. You will always be remembered as a man and child of principle, strength, courage and light. No media outlet will ever take away what we know to be true about you. God is holding you both close now.

We will all miss you both, you are loved. You guys DID make a difference... and were so giving. Blessings to them, and all their loved ones.
~dave in Lodi
Hey guys we will miss you very much! I wish i had more time with you but my friends in Buffalo New York had questions for me about my freedom and Liberty. Jerry and Joe were real people! Unlike most which are VERY FAKE today. See you soon and we will never forget you. I know we will all keep getting the TRUTH out there.
With great sadness I write. Such a huge loss to the whole world, even if the whole world does not know it yet. You will live on in our minds and in our hearts and in our work to carry on what you contributed so much to. The only REAL justice would be to be able to bring you back --- but we will have to settle for doing everything we can to show the world who you really were in this life and that you stood for justice for all real people. ! Peace
You will be missed
~Ken Cousens
With gratitude for the knowledge that your lives and work continues here with us. We are blessed by your continued presence.
We Love You Donna and R Here 4 You! ....May the Supreme Universal Creator grant you healing, protection, and perseverance. Be Well !
You will be missed rest in peace.
I will never forget you Jerry. You were an inspiration to all.
You will be missed and always remembered for the good deeds and promoting of peace, well being, and freedom.
my heart is with you
~daniel patrick
To My Brother Jerry and my Nephew Joe, I love you both and I will miss you! I will never stop looking for the truth about your murder unless of course they kill me next! Untill we meet again, Thomas Kane

There is an Element that TRULY exist and proves it's existence @ all times. These Freedom Fighters were out there fighting for Our freedom, and we were NOT fighting for their safety and protection. They were Picked-Off like lambs in a heard. "WE THE PEOPLE" ( those divine in spirit and mind ) MUST protect our Beloved FREEDOM FIGHTERS! Jerry, Joe, Missy, and Ollie, we apologize that we let you down to become victims of "The BIG BAD WOLF"! .....Please remember fam, "The Wolf" IS REAL! ..... "DON'T SLEEP!" because, Nothin' comes to a sleeper but a DREAM. We send salutations of NEVER ENDING LIFE,......dwelling on the Eternal Spirital vibration of Truth, Justice, Freedom, Equity, Harmony, Love, and Satisfaction to You Jerry, Joe, Missy, and Ollie. We Love You! ...........And shall meet again!
I never met Jerry in person. I did have the great privilege of talking to him on 4 occasions.

The first time was after he had been on a talkshoe program earlier this year. Jerry said if anyone had any questions to contact him after the show.

I did contact him after the show, at a late hour, and what a surprise it was the same man with the same gentle mannerism that was on the show. Talking to Jerry was like talking to an old friend who you had lost contact with over the years. Jerry immediately put me at ease and never once talked down or questioned my need or desire to learn. That right there was the main nucleus of Jerry Kane, he treated everyone with respect, courtesy, honor and above all a genuine love for them and their needs.

My other conversations with Jerry were in the same light. Even when I ask him what compensation I could provide him he refused; stating that delivering his message would more than compensate him.

When I watched the video of Jerry and Joseph I could also see that not only was my audio interpretation of this man correct, it was further exemplified by his actions and words in front of the camera where he clearly understood that not only those in need but those in fear of his teachings (ie: Corporate Government) of honesty and truth would see the True Undisputable facts of Jerry Kane.
I could also tell from the videos that Joseph was the young Jedi Knight and Jerry was the Yoda. Joseph would have been a True Force of Justice against the Dark Side.

They might have left this physical world yet I know in my heart a ember of both of them still smolders and I myself will do all in my power to kindle that ember into a unquenchable flame to light up the world that has so long been under the cover of lies and corruption of the Dark Side.

As is often said in the military All Gave Some and Some Gave All. Jerry and Joseph have given that ALL; and now all of us that must press forward with that ALL that is needed for victory.

My only 3 wishes for you are:

1. You find comfort
2. You find closure
3. You find justice

My deepest prayers and thoughts go to you and your family. Jerry DEFINITELY helped educated me and I believe the ONLY reason this has happened is because he hit the people who perpetrated this right where it hurts..."in their pockets". And although he's no longer with us, he's STILL (and always will be) considered a hero and a true patriot. Bless his soul.

Highest Regards
Jerry was a friend that gave of himself unselfishly and constantly. I could always count on his keen sence of objective righteous justice that always prevailed in his honest approach to lawful matters. Jerry made it his life's work to help everyone who came to him for help, he was always just a phone call away. I miss him more than words can express.
Hello, its Brian (Balancing Books) I am absolutely shocked about the tragic loss of Jerry and Joe. It just doesn't make logical sense. I cant see why a man who is out to help people and who had successfully helped many people would do what they have accused him of. I mean I know people can just snap, but Jerry has been pulled over before and he didn't do that so what would make him just decide to do that........on his way home.........and with Joe in the car for that matter?

I am truly in shock. Jerry was a huge ray of hope for me as I explained to him on your call I am a 28 yr. old single dad. I had never heard of any reasonable way to obtain a home from a bank until I was led to Jerry. This man was my ONLY hope of obtaining a home for my children. Now that he is gone I feel more lost, confused, saddened and hopeless than ever before for many reasons.

I plan to continue my study and research into the process that Jerry told me about (not the modification process) ....and once I figure it all out....I plan to further the legacy Jerry and Joe left by teaching people the process in Jerry and Joes honor....I hope that is what they would want.

Regretfully, I never got a chance to meet Jerry or Joe. I am more grateful for what Jerry opened my eyes to than any words could ever express. My thoughts and prayers are with Jerry, Joe, Donna lee, and their family.

God Bless RIP Jerry and Joe Kane

In Action and Truth, 

The meaning of one’s life is a secret for some. For Jerry and Joe, it was a sacred mission for all to see. In these many messages from those who knew them, who’s lives were changed for the better, we realize the truth. These young men were all heart. Gifted with strength and skills to do the work of many men, and living in acknowledgment of the creator, as ones chosen to lift up and protect the poor and defenseless, with knowledge and hope. That is their noble legacy.

YHWH or JHVH translates to “He Causes To Become”. Their work supported that positive intention and the sacred nature of being, by lessening the suffering in this world.   We all suffer in losing such “sweet guys”. In their memory we will continue their work, and know that good is possible. My thoughts are with their families, grateful for their sharing loved ones with all, and wish for peace to come to them.
I never had the privilege of meeting Jerry and Joe Kane, however, it is so obvious that they cared about doing the right thing and helping anyone they could. I do not believe that the shock of loosing them will ever sink in. The dedication that Jerry gave to helping others will never be forgotten or underappreciated. I will always keep Jerry and Joe in my heart, thoughts, and prayers for they have forever changed my view on everything. I could and can never say thank you enough.
Thank you Jerry and Joe Kane.
~Sara T
May you hold the Lord close to your heart at this time. Your family is in my prayers... there hasn't a day gone by since I heard of this news I don't think about your loss. I have passed this story to those close to me and it has really shown them a wake up call, put fear of the reality of our real life here on the land. I pray for the truth to be told and justice brought to those responsible. With love and blessings to Jerry and Joes family and friends...
~Jeannie Griffin
A feeling of reverence has overcome me since I heard the news. Donna, I am so sorry for your loss. I love you. Should you ever need a quiet place you will be more than welcome. In appreciation of Jerry's passion and Joe's loyalty. We are one.
~A woman who advocates for freedom in Canada
Some how, some way, it is my prayer that our loving God will indeed bring good results from out of this tragedy, and, in His excellent timing, bring justice for Jerry and Joseph, and the honor due them for their good work during their brief time with us.
Blessings to you in this difficult time.
~Dr. Glen Collins
You will be missed thru this tragedy and corruption all i hope will come to light. BUT "we the people" become stronger than ever from this. Love to the family members they left behind. May you bless us from above always!
The loss of Jerry and Joe are going to be felt for a very long time. My heart goes out to Donna and her family. I pray no one else has to suffer like this. My love and prayers are with you, ~Nicki
I did not know or even hear Jerry and Joe speak, but from other talkshoe show hosts have been saying I believe we have lost two great people. I shall make a point of finding and listening to their recordings. Jerry and Joe rest in peace, I'm sure the movement will never forget what you did during your lives. Thank you and God Bless you both. My condolences go out to Donna Lee in her loss.
Clive Dodd
You will be missed, however not forgotten. You have paid the ultimate price to assist folks, most of which are not even aware or worthy of your battle to free them from the world of the dead and bring them back in to the world of the living .......prayers until we meet again .....regan
Soon, those that are still asleep, will be outnumbered by those that are awake. Based on the overwhelming response in support of Jerry and Joe, I think we are almost there. Thank you, all of you that are sending your prayers and words of encouragement and for signing Jerry and Joe's Guest Book. We are truly blessed by it.
You will be missed and forever in my heart
I have learned a lot from Jerry. His research was a blessing to many. His teaching will be missed, hopefully, not forgotten. They may have taken him away physically, but they cannot take him out of our hearts. May Donna carry on in the spirit of Jerry's mission that is congruent with God's will. Peace,
Jerry and his son Joe were kind and loving to me and my family.
Joe was smart as a whip and Jerry raised him to think for himself.
We shared a moment away from it all over some ice cream, Joe played with my 12 yr old daughter, and my wife and I exchanged our thoughts on family and how we admired Jerry for teaching his son how to live free.
Thank you Jerry and Joe for sharing your wisdom and life with us!
~Mike and Family
You will be missed! Nothing goes unseen by the eye of our Creator yawhe. His justice will prevail...
Two wonderful people have been stolen from us! A big, gentle caring father, Jerry and his brilliant son, Joe, who was only 16 years old. Jerry and Joe were inseparable. Joe was home schooled and traveled everywhere with Jerry. They were amazing! Joe’s mother passed away a few years ago and Jerry was the single parent.

Joe was a sweet and brilliant boy who worked with Jerry to help hundreds of people save their homes from foreclosure. They did this by knowing the law and the rules that pertain to proper mortgages and the many violations that were routinely done to a homeowners discredit. They passed this information along in a way that gave people the information they needed to save their homes. Joe was a walking law book and an expert on this, he learned about this from Jerry. Jerry, who is beloved by the many, many people he helped and by his many friends and family. But knowing the law, Jerry and Joe had a very hard time agreeing to the many violations of that very law. They believed that if you understood what was being done that was unlawful, you could actually have a good chance to do something about it. They spent years of their lives, traveling to different towns, living in motels, giving seminars to educate those who needed to know their rights and how to keep their homes. They were dedicated and wanted the world to be as the Founders of our country laid it out for us. They believed that we had the right to Freedom of Speech and they spoke their minds.

Jerry was a big, teddy bear of a guy with a mission to help others. He did believe in his Constitutionally provided ‘right to bear arms’ but was not the sort of man to attack others or hurt others. He did believe that he had the right to defend himself and his loved ones, that’s in the Constitution and is every American’s right.

They wanted to make the world a better place. They have been damned for this!

Worse yet, they have been cruelly and libelously portrayed as everything from terrorists to extremists to white supremists to sovereign citizens! That is, after the police decided they weren’t Chicano drug dealers or Mexican illegal aliens! Wasn’t it enough to have shot them down in cold blood when both were obviously sitting quietly in their van with no weapons in their hands? Wasn’t it enough to kill both of them while they sat with windows rolled up, obviously not shooting? By the way, how do you shoot through an unbroken rolled up window? Wasn’t it enough that the people who loved them had to watch over and over again on TV their actual killing and not showing the alleged traffic stop that lead to their actual killing? And to top it off some evil people emailed pictures of Joe lying dead, to his stepmother? Imagine losing your husband and stepson and being subjected to vicious hate email such as that? What kind of people enjoy further hurting those who have already been so deeply wounded?

And where is this mysterious 3rd person who supposedly did the shooting? Joe and Jerry traveled alone, except for Little Missy and Olie, their dogs. Little Missy died in the van and Olie died some days later in spite of heroic efforts to save him by the local animal shelter. Bless them! Olie had 8 bullet holes and Joe let Olie out of the van and terror along with Joe's command to go gave Olie the strength to run into the Walmart in spite of both Olie's and Joe's terrible wounds. Freeing Olie was Joe’s last act and he went back to the front settled back into the front seat next to his dad before this unarmed 16 year old boy was shot dead. Jerry’s last act was to put his arm around Joe’s shoulders as Joe sat back down next to him after Joe let Olie loose. .

Now they say there was a 3rd person who did the shooting. There was no 3rd person with the Kane's. Who actually shot the police officers? We all know who shot Joe and Jerry!

Do you suppose they confused Joe and Jerry’s white van for the white van with an orange top that the three (3) hispanic drug dealers were driving? The group they had an all points bulletin out on?

At the scene at Walmart, what happened to “come out with your hands up?” What happened to ‘due process of law”? What happened to“a man (and a boy) are innocent until proven guilty”? And if Joe and Jerry had shot the policemen why were they less than 2 miles away, they could have been in another state in 10 minutes, but 90 minutes later they are at Walmart! You don’t go shopping when you are fleeing from the law, do you?

What happened to proper crime scene evidence gathering when a policeman walked up, reached into the van, (after the man and boy were both dead), and with bare hands picked up what appeared to be rifle shaped and threw it into the trunk of his own car? The gun wasn’t bagged, the officer didn’t wear gloves. Had the gun even been fired? What other evidence has been ‘lost’, tampered with, or is being held for an ongoing investigation? How long does it take to do such an investigation? What are they investigating? Joe and Jerry are dead, two police officers are dead. When will they let us see what really happened? Why can’t we see what really happened? What do they have to gain from withholding the police camera footage. Maybe that camera showed someone else shooting their officers so they dare not release it, that’s all that makes sense to me.

There is no good reason we can’t see the videos from the freeway either, the supposed first encounter, if things are as they have been reported. If it is as they say, it would just clear everything up. When has evidence that would make suspects look guilty ever been withheld from the public? Police are quick to prove they are right and haven’t made a mistake. Actually, everyone is quick to prove their correctness, if they are correct, that is. 

Many, many, people who, knowing Joe and Jerry, find this impossible to believe want to see this so- called evidence. When have police ever withheld anything that would make them look like heroes? What is the holdup on this? It's been 14 days as of today's date of June 3rd, 2010!

Neither Jerry or Joe would attack policemen and if the police want us to believe that, I say “show us!" Show us undoctored videos that prove your allegations. Show us!

Bless you, Joe and Jerry, we will miss you, and exactly as you two would do, we will find the truth! We love you, goodbye, goodbye for now!
` Vicki

this is a terrible thing that has happened to two gentle spirits. i'm so sorry donna lee.
You will be missed
You have touched many many lives in a most positive way.
Astronomer's and leading Scientist's of the World, are dumbfounded and cannot explain the phenomena that so many eye witnesses reported...

Where on May 20, 2010, hundreds of Witnesses Reported Seeing Two-Bright-Lights Shooting Towards the Heavens, from the parking lot of the Wal-Mart in West Memphis Arkansas.

The Eye Witnesses stated that the Two-Bright-Lights, appeared to be "intertwined" and spinning around each other, in a seemingly Joyous Manner.

Sadly, the Dead of the World cannot explain this very common event.

Those who knew and will miss them dearly - Know that the Two-Bright-Lights were jerry and young joseph Family Kane. Streaking off into the Heavens Towards Home - Free At Last, Free At Last, yahweh Father Free at Last!

Your servant's have Returned Home for Their Reward...

By: david clarence: Expressly Reserving All Liberties.
Jerry and Joe will not be forgotten. Their aim was to make the World a better place by helping so many in need!
Jerry and Joe fought the GOOD fight, they laid hold of eternal life, which they were called to, they professed a good profession before many witnesses, they finished their course, and they kept the faith. -- Sleep tight my friends. See you in 7.
We Love You Donna and R Here 4 You! ....May the Supreme Universal Creator grant you healing, protection, and perseverance. Be Well !
You will be missed. For those of us who remain on this plane, may we be encouraged by your courage.
Jerry and Joseph, you are both gone much too soon. You touched so many people in so many different ways with your wisdom and caring it can't be measured. To listen to you and understand your passion for helping people in so many different circumstances was amazing. Your willingness to spend as much time as it took to make sure people understood what you taught speaks volumes as to who you REALLY were. I feel so very fortunate to have met you both and I am saddened beyond belief that you are no longer with us. We WILL carry on your legacy of helping people and teaching and sharing. Thank you for ALL you gave to so many people including myself. We will NEVER forget you.
~Just Dave
I never had the pleasure of meeting Jerry or Joe,but they have left their mark in this world..Hopefully they can help us from the other side, for the dead are NOT without power. Ask for their help and you will know they are with you. Blessings,
Two bright shining Knights in white armor, snuffed out by corporate america and evil revenue collectors. You will be missed beyond what mere words can ever convey.
You will be missed and your passion and fir will burn from within us, are eyes are open. peace
I served with Jerry in the military. Jerry was one of the most gentle men I ever met, he always spoke of being on a path of peace and leading others to be peaceful. Jerry was not racist at all, in any way, shape or form because if he was, as a black man I wouldn't be speaking on it or on their behalves right now. Trust that. Rest well my Brothers. We will get to the bottom of this.
You will be missed
Our prayers are with you. God Bless, ~Gene
Rise like lions after slumber In unvanquishable number,
Shake your chains to earth like dew Which in sleep has fallen on you, You are many, they are few.  ~Percy Shelley
~Sam Jackson
Joe and Jerry were great not only because of their assistance to so many people, but also simply because of who they were. I miss them so much
Salve Vale Salve What the earth has lost The Heavens have gained Salve Vale Salve May you watch over From above us
Salve Vale Salve We celebrate your honor Until we meet again
Maximas ago vobis gratias Kiss us from the sky Jerry and Joe Kane
- MS
You will be missed god rest their souls
~Eric P
i didn't know them, a friend did. But now I have watched them on youtube, and read letters by people that Jerry and Joe helped. Very sorry to see such a thing happen to two such fine men. They were both a great blessing to many people. I guess they must be needed in Heaven now. My heart and prayers are with you, Donna Lee. God bless you and keep you in his arms.

I talked to Jerry just before all this went down and was so excited to learn from him when he got to Salt Lake at the end of this month. We talked about negotiable instruments and then about UFOs for a little while.

I have listened to hours and hours of his recordings and so I felt like I had lost a dear friend when he left the planet.

Thanks to you Angela, I had the opportunity to get to know him that way. Thank you for making the recordings of Talk Shoe available in archive.

Is there anything I can do for you from SLC, UT?


Rachel Kincaid

I met them both in Fontana, CA and we were working at the same company trying to help people with their mortgages.
Mr. Jerry Kane and his son were people who really wanted to help people to defend themselves from the "Unjust"!
I know that they were not criminals but they were killed by criminals trying to look like heroes of this Nation!
ustice for All?
God Bless their family and God Bless America!
Alma W.
My heart goes out to Donna Lee. 
I was unacquainted with your loved ones. I followed the story in the news early on.

'Justice is mine......'.

The police involved in this miscarriage should stand before all to narrate the dash board video on a broader cast than West Memphis, Arkansas.
Peace and love to you and yours
This is so unbelievable. I pray that the truth comes out.
~Oc: Sorrells
I am so sorry, I am heartbroken over the loss of Jerry and Joe's influence in the future of our world stepping forth with his eyes wide open seeing a gray world in sharp black and white. I have thought of him often and wished that he could have spent more time with our family. I will always remember. Our prayers are with you.
By all accounts so far, nothing adds up in the "official" story. The truth will be told eventually as truth always makes its way to the surface. Those who've had a willing hand in this cover-up will reveal what really happened May 20th; those who've dug a pit, will surely fall in.
~the truth and nothing but the truth
John8:32 The truth shall be known . . . . Bless Jerry's family.
~Brother Paul John,
Agape Ministries of Helps
Donna Lee
I wanted to pass on to you, and for many others, beside myself … I AM so appreciative most of all, for the ‘time’ Jerry spent with me, and many(any) others, as he always did so unselfishly, with every minute he had on this small planet we all share, … he would share with us ‘every minute’ he had, with each of us, if he wasn’t ‘using it’ himself or already giving it away to someone else.
“… never leave a message on my voicemail ~ if I AM free … I will answer …”
… was what he always told each of us, as he freely gave out his number to all ~ his time was our time, literally, as if he was us … which in reality we~all are. I have studied these things Jerry committed himself to share with us~all … for almost 20 years now, and it was with great thanks to only a few, Jerry being one of them, that the ‘patience’ he added to this knowledge he shared, in his own ‘teddy bear style,’ … are one of the reasons that I, for the ‘first time’ in all these years, … I finally ‘hear’ what I am being told and subsequently ‘understand’ what I have pursued to know and learn for so long.
… and I believe it is not any coincidence, but yet ‘synchronicity’ (or God) … that the misfortunes of my recent past, drew me to ‘cross paths’ with Jerry to ‘hear’ what he had obligated himself to ‘donate’ to us ~ where many others would take advantage and have charged. The first time I saw Jerry was free, he’d say, “ … for those who can’t afford it ~ come anyway, it’s free, the knowledge I want to share … the donations are a way I have figured that will help me to get around to share this with as many as I can …”
  I had ‘taken a break’ from the study of all this several years back, when my close friend was put in jail, along with many others back then, like Roger … and it was when I was having problems with my home a few years ago, … from prison, through his daughter, my friend sent me papers all ‘filled out’ … for a way for me to save my home.
I committed myself then to learn this for myself ~ I researched the materials he sent me from prison … and the people that were mentioned in there … and through more ‘coincidences’ I found myself ... as I started back into all this, … beginning with Tom Schaults in Vegas who was doing Sam Kennedy's BIC method and learning what I had been doing in the past, almost 20 years ago, but finally getting it, now ... and, right from that new start back into all this, ... it seemed like I was always a "penny short and a day late" for any of the remedies we were finally uncovering ~ for any of them to work for me, that is !! ...
… and, as I came home from that four day Seminar in Las Vegas, … I found that the Sheriff had served papers and then LOCKED me out of my house of 35 years ... leaving me looking through the windows of my house at all my things
.. as I felt the frustration over these next two years, as I was helping my friends with what we learned from the next of many other groups and individuals … it was only Jerry and one other that said, and assured me “… you will get your home back …”
  He’s still guiding me … and us~all … then we pass it on … it’s just our small part back
Jerry ~ Joey … thanks


Donna I know we haven't spoken for a while, but I think of you often. I hope my words and all the others here will comfort you and ease your pain. Time is a great healer and I hope soon that all those days that you didn't think you can get thru will be a distant memory. I know you will find peace in your own way and in your own time, but for now, allow yourself to morn, be sad if so choose. I am but an email away should you feel the need. It is unfortunate, that I never met Jerry and Joe, but knowing you, I somehow know them and I am grateful that they had been here and left their mark. Knowing you, justice will be done.
~Dawn Smileygirlnow
I sure will miss Jerry and Joe I had them over for dinner many times in my home in Brisbane I knew them since 2007, I will never forget them. ~Martha
Jerry, your teachings, your wisdom, and your unconditional friendship will remain with us for the rest of our lives. You helped me wake up from darkness into light. Your physical death hit me big time, as well as to those other people I know who depended on your knowledge and willingness to help. Although we are going to miss you as our savior, your memory will live on in us all and will serve us as a light to keep us going toward freedom.
I will always be grateful for the TRUTH that this father and son taught those of us who will listen. May our Father welcome you to His kingdom where we will rejoice some day very soon. May the truth of this tragedy come out and the perpetrators be brought to HIS justice.

The bitter loss of Jerry and Joe who were so precious to us for the love and hard word of standing for righteousness will not go unanswered. If not in this life then at the day of judgment. Those who did this will suffer far greater loss. I pray they repent and confess now before it's too late for them.
One thing for sure, Jerry and Joseph are in a better place than we are, we will miss them though. I want to say that Jerry and Joseph were both great men. They did a lot of good for everyone they came in contact with. How can people of this stature, do the crime for which they are accused? My conviction, is that it was the forces of evil that wanted them destroyed, it was an assassination, plain and simple. It did not work though, because their legacy will go on and live. Let me ask of all who read this, please do all that you can to continue their work. Everything you have learned from them, teach others. Do it free of charge like they did. Did Jesus ask for money for what he taught? Does Yahweh charge Federal Reserve Notes for his blessings?
~Joe in Alabama
Hi Donna
I never met Jerry and Joe but i did follow his videos and see what they were doing to help others in need i felt compelled to write and at least say they were both doing what they wanted to do. Helping others out of kindness is a virtue not often found in the general public. Keep your chin held high Donna love and peace from your neighbors in Canada they will be missed but never forgotten ...
They will be missed.
I listened to Jerry recording and I sence a very good human being, never met Jerry and Joe, but my heart goes out to you. he share his fearless leadership and tireless research. will miss you both
I find the location of Paudert's body a bit confusing. When the boy stepped out of the van Paudert was on the right side of of the police SUV yet his body is seen on the left side of his car when the other policemen arrive. Clearly he did not crawl there, having been shot in the head. Did someone move him? Was that where he was shot? How did the boy shoot him when he was on the opposite side of the SUV? It looks like the boy was shooting straight 6 o clock south from our view and Paudert had a running start running to our 3 o clock view and out of the frame with 2 more seconds to clear the south configuration the boy was shooting to. I could have ran 20 with a running start and 2 more seconds! So surely it was someone behind them all the boy was shooting at. Why can't we see the unedited video? Where's the audio??? This is far from proof. Clearly they all were set up. Bless all involved.
I had the privilege of meeting Jerry and Joe on two different ocassions and have gotten to know they were all about helping others and did that for many many people. Jerry was a man of patience that I only wish I had. They will be missed greatly
It's sad that anyone should have to die in our battle against THE BEAST and it's sadder by the day that we have to live under governance enforced at the barrel of a gun. For people (like Joe and Jerry) to ascend to a place where they've been unveiled (see through the fiction) there is a certain degree of spirituality that is part of that realization. For Joe to come out gunning like that he certainly must have determined that his life or his father's were in imminent danger. We must transcend our addiction to the 'external authority hoax'. Anything that relies on paper is fiction (including The Constitution which I can prove has no force or effect on anyone). The key is to withdraw compliance across the board. Stop sending them YOUR money. They (government) is breaching OUR peace. I'm not violent and in no way advocate violence but when we are governed at the point of a gun, that is not de jure governance. It's tyranny. My heart goes out to ALL and my wish is that one day, even those minions (enforcers) who hide behind a badge, a tazer, a bat and a gun realize that we're doing this for them too. God rest Jerry, Joe and the 2 (men acting as fictional) police officers. The truth is: There is no THEY. (And there will never be enough bullets.) Peace, love and light to all.
I cry tonight for two men I never met; and who yet are heroes of mine. God Bless their dear souls.
So many hold Jerry and Joe in their hearts. They are still loved as they loved and care of others. Their spirits still live they merely have crossed over ahead of us as Jerry had stated in his video's that he was not afraid of death, he was ok with his Lord. We Love you Jerry, we love you Joe and we'll see you again. And even tho you left us too soon, you are still with us and the truth will come out. Rest in Peace Dear Ones.
Donna Lee please know we stand behind you as you seek the truth. Lean on your maker and Stand Tall, You are loved. We all love and miss Jerry and Joe. God Bless as they rest in peace now.
I am just sending condolences since I am a community activist and see
first hand the abuse and the setups that police forces do on a regular
basis. I hope you expose the truth and they have too much corrupt power
today! ~anon
My heart is breaking for you... GOD BLESS you and your family!!!
God bless them. May the truth be exposed since a lie can not live in the light.

Jerry was a true patriot and kind heart whom will be sorely missed by all those blessed to make his acquaintance.
~A Friend
What a damned shame! The ugly folks who put nasty messages on when they
didn't know the truth will be so embarrassed when the truth comes out.
And it will!
They have inspired me to give a full measure of effort to advance the true cause of freedom I can observe the the life they lived for cause of justice for all this time this country has been free it is MEN such as these who have kept the light of freedom burning.May GOD bless the light they have shown to this dark world.
I knew both Jerry and Joe and was horrified when I found out what happened to them. I noticed the red shirt/blue shirt discrepancy before I saw this website. The criminal elite are not very good at their cover-ups...
  I am very sad for the loss of that man, it's a nation that most will not wake up and realize we have a set of corrupt government officials in office all over the country.
Anyway Just wanted someone please to email me the photos and videos. I am a big fan of the late great William Milton Cooper... so please I am willing to look through this for the support I am a blogger and I will tell everyone about this and what happened.
I pray for the family's loss and that GOD will bring this family justice
To All,
I am Lakota and pray to The Creator of Life. Be not offended by the words you don't understand, nor that I don't quote text. My prayer is mine and not yours. You may if you wish say it also. You may see my side of life, and death.

Ho' Mitakuye Oyasin

I come to you a humble two-legged.
I ask for health, help, and guidance for the two-legged, four-legged, the creeping crawing, and the green things.
A child to your Greatness, blessed with the breathe of life for another day. And the warrior spirit.
Humbled, saddened, and sickened by the sorrow, pain,and misery brought by the Powers that Be.
So much harm has been brought to each by this group that it tears at my heart, and in the humble Lakota way, Tunkashila', I ask that you purify unshi-maka (Earth) with force and quickness. That we may lead a pure life on the Red Road.
I humbly ask that those lives which will be lost in the coming battles are honored in a sacred way.
Ho' Tunkashila' It is a good day to die! I Proudly standing for what is right and just. Grant me the strength in my days to help and heal, teach, and feed those who can not fend for themselves; the sick, our children, and elders. And to always do what is right.
Grant me the strength, courage, and wisdom needed!

Grandfathers, I humbly ask for your presence in our fight. That the purity for which you stood not be lost to the evil now upon me! That you will guide me away from harm. Protect me and help me in the coming darkness.

Ho' Mitakuye O'yasin
Peace, Love, & Happiness,
Just want to say sorry for your loss
I want to send my prayers to Donna for her great loss. My fiance Denny Ray Hardin is currently being held in a federal prison. He has had no trial but was trying to educate people and help people just like Jerry. He has no contact with his family except for the occassional letter but he believes he will never leave the prison alive. How many more Americans are they going to be allowed to kill and murder. I can only imagine the heartache Donna must be going through. I have no funds at the current moment but I just started a new job and will send some soon. Take care Donna, God Bless and please take time to say a small prayer for my fiance that he does not end up like Jerry and Joe.
Not the first time it's happened--won't be the last--we are useless eaters.
Gulf of Tonkin is just a beginning. And my husband served in Viet Nam and has a hard time with the false flags responsible for killing thousands of Vietnamese.
My memories always see Mr. Kane and his son are alive. They are good people. It is very hard to see them get killed like this. My heart is deeply sadness. I will not forget the help they gave me. I will miss them so very much. Rest in peace.
You are in our prayers
Hello ~

Unfortunately we are not able to contribute to your just cause, but want you to know we support your noble effort!
We will keep you in our prayers as you travel your path of demanding truth!
May many Blessings come as you right this grave wrong!
~Martee and family
Iam sincerely sorry for your loss, Jerry helped me in Republic Missouri in 2004, I picked him up at the bus station when he went out to visit David Jackson and friends. I understand a little and wish at times i didn't know at all. Jerry was one of the only ppl out there who really tried to help me. I lost my 5 children to this gestapo regime. Won't get into the details but I liked Jerry. It is a sure thing that it is not a safe thing to understand the truth and teach it to ppl. But if you don't try you become just like the rest of the worms in the box, just bait. I still am fighting a little depression but i do let ppl know what i do. Not many ppl care though. I don't know what i can do for you to help, i made the same offer to David Jackson but he didn't appreciate it. I will help if i can.
Updated: December 26, 2011