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Show Me the Loan Clarification and Example of a Forensic Exam From John Stuart

Attached is some of the best shit I have EVER forwarded, I mean that. You need to read them both.

We all know I created the saying "Show me the Loan" because every one else was saying "show me the Note" I don't believe anyone. I know almost everyone else has been brainwashed by the government and the banks.

But holy shit. Some one has used my phrase Show me the loan and written a short paper explaining exactly why I say it. Its excellent. I get plagarized a lot, usually it pisses me off. This time I don't care. I just want the truth out there. That short document shows the truth, I think better than I have shown it. This document kicked my ass as far as teaching goes. I don't mind getting my ass kicked if it helps save some of you. Shit, my life is a daily ass kicking any way.

I have also attached a 27 page forensic exam.

You MUST read both of these until you understand them. When you understand these you will get it.

John C. Stuart

Show me the loan!
A legal doctrine developed by: John Chester; of the family Stuart