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May 10, 2011

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May 10, 2011
Well I guess the article was pretty good because people have asked to send it out. Please send out this version so we can direct people to our website:

From The desk of John Stuart


Here is a very simple and inexpensive way to derail the corrupt law firms and criminal enterprises known as “banks” during their unlawful “fraudclosure” proceedings.

This way has been so successful for the group that created this doctrine that the Arizona Secretary of State actually changed the law on July 30, 2010 to prevent this problem in the future. The fact we are not sure how a S.O.S. changes a law notwithstanding. This change does not affect documents recorded before that date.


1.Any and all transfers of ownership of real property must be recorded in the County Recorder’s Office of the County the real property is in. Any such recorded document must be properly acknowledged to be lawfully recorded. Absent a “proper acknowledgement” makes the document void ab initio. Recording a “void” document as a valid document is a felony in all states.

2.You cannot predicate a civil proceeding on a felonious act committed by the party initiating the proceeding.

More simply stated, the banks cannot lawfully steal your house once you prove that the documents they filed are fraudulent in any way.


1.What everyone already knows is the game is fixed. What most people don’t know is why, so I will tell you. This important fact was discovered by the same group that created this process. First, you must understand that government employees are naturally corrupt. “Birds of a feather, etc.”

2.Coming from a family of government people one knows that it’s never about the job, it’s always about the retirement. Cops wait for that 20 year retirement, politicians garnered themselves a full retirement after a single term. They told us where to look, and there it was.

3. All judges, prosecutors, cops, clerks, etc. pension funds are derived from 2 sources primarily:
a. the REMIC/REIT funds (basic real estate investments for banks/mortgages)
b. Privatized prisons (this is why America convicts so many innocent people)


1.Try to stay out of court, but if you have to go be prepared. Most groups teach you to start from the top and work down, that won’t work. Start from the bottom and work up.

2.Realize who the true enemy is. Think of it as war and you are a soldier. You will never see the other side’s General; you will only see the soldiers, that’s who you aim at.

3.The Notary Public is the banks infantryman shooting at you with bullets made of fraud and lies. The good part is they are bad shots; the bad part is they have lots of ammo.


1.Collect copies of all of the documents that are recorded in the County Recorder’s Office: The Mortgage/Deed of Trust; the Substitution of Trust; Notice of Sale, etc.

2.Go through the notarization page on each document with a fine tooth comb by studying the “Notary handbook” for the State the document is notarized in.

3.List every error in a formal complaint to the government official that issues the notary their commission. In most states the commission is issued by the Secretary of State.

4.File a complaint for the notary’s bond with the surety company that supplied the bond. The surety companies are usually very helpful and can even initiate their own investigation that will help with your complaint. They may even file criminal charges against the notary to recoup what they pay out. Most bonds are from $5000 to $15,000. The first complaint accepted is the one to get paid. There are usually 4 different notaries at least in a “fraudclosure” so you can earn $20,000 to $60,000 if you are the first to file against the notary.


1. Until July of 2010 all Arizona notaries had to write in the expiration date of their commission, the date inside the seal does not count under the previous version of Arizona law.

2.Notaries rarely wrote in the expiration date so with some notaries every document they notarized is invalid. We have found well over 90% of all Deeds of Trust in Arizona do not contain the notaries commission’s expiration date and are therefore invalid. That’s right, that makes the actual Deed of Trust unable to be used to generate a non-judicial foreclosure under Arizona law.


1.Different states have different rules; this list is based on Arizona rules.

2.“Evidenced by an Arizona driver’s license” when the person that supposedly signed in front of the notary lives in California. This is obvious fraud since someone from California would have used a California D.L.

3.Request a copy of the notary’s journal; most states require the notary to keep a journal and if they don’t supply a copy when requested it is an automatic revocation of their commission.

4.You would be surprised how many notaries have signed years after their commission expired; we have even seen ones that signed post mortum.

5.Sometimes they confuse their written commission number with their electronic commission number. 

6.Sometimes the notary signature looks exactly like the signature of the person they are witnessing and nothing like their signature on other documents they notarized. A notary’s signature must always be the same.

7.Did they move and fail to notify the S.O.S. of their new address, if so, that’s a violation.

8. They are several more rules in Arizona and as stated before, each state has different rules.


1.So far so good. We have had several notary’s commissions revoked in Arizona, and also in Georgia and Nevada.

2.Entering the revocation letter from the S.O.S. into the court has delayed decisions, so far indefinitely.

3.The banks lawyer must claim the S.O.S. “lacks trustworthiness” to eviscerate the ruling from being used in court.


1.After you get the notary’s commission revoked and receive the payout from the surety company, you can still file suit against the notary for their fraudulent act(s) that financially harmed you.

2.A good attorney could then secure a “Damron /Morris agreement” with the notary wherein the notary agrees to testify against the bank and/or law firm that had them do the fraudulent notarizations in exchange for you not executing a judgment against them.

3.Or in the alternative, you can take their home and kick their ass to the street so their family rots in the mud for them being scum sucking bastards that help lawyers and bankers steal innocent people’s homes.

Nough said;

John Stuart

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May 8, 2011

Everyone, here is an email fom Alex, I met him at the Garfield seminar. He knows title stuff inside and out. His reports are great. I think his report would benfeit everyone's cases. Let him know you are from


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Title Search is a basis for pro-se or attorney in foreclosure defense/discovery, research on notary violations, robo-signing violations, foreclosure company mis-representation, securitization search discovery, trust identification, document fraud.

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May 11, 2011

A friend of mine has built a sub-site to his site for all of pleadings. If you want to read the mosst corrupt case in US history go and read the pleadings. You may have a hard time believing it all, but its all true. The scary part is they aren't even trying to hide their crimes because they can do wahtever they want.

Thanks to Terry for all of his excellent work.

May 6, 2011

NNA National Notary Association
NOTARY BULLETIN | Montana Governor Upholds 'Strong Protection' Of Notarial Journals CLICK HERE
May 11, 2011

A reminder to everyone:

ALWAYS, as defined in legal terms AL FRIGGIN WAYS:
1.    add without  prejudice after you sign anything
2.   endorse checks and notes with without recourse

May 11, 2011

We racently had some success in Illinoise, and I don't think there has been much success there.
One of our friends filed a notary complaint in his case and added the names of the known robo-signers to the complaint. The banks law firm stopped all proceedings against our friend.

I think this is an excellent addition to the documents and everyone should follow this lead.

May 9, 2011

Please read the attachment. I did not write it, but I completely agree with it.

Crooked Judges, Lawyers and Corporate Power
Americans Murdering Their Judges, and the U.S. Crisis of Judicial Corruption
by Dr. Les Sachs
May 9, 2011

I sent out an email concerning title reports from one of Garfield's people.


I apologize to Charles, Alex and the whole group, for any misunderstandings.

Charles Horner does excellent work and we have dozens of people in our group who have used him and everyone has been impressed with the extensiveness of his reports. His stuff really helps with the notary complaint also, which I believe will be the eventual downfall of the fraudclosures.

You ONLY need a title report IF you have not had Charles do your examination.

My opinion: I would rather have the full examination then just the report, but one is better than nothing. I know money is tight for most of you but Charles gives us a great deal and the information he puts in his report is priceless.

In my defense guys, but not an excuse for my mistake, I am really wore out over this murder trial and you can all expect of few mistakes here and there from me. I am being attacked from all sides and it appears everyone is a little too busy to assist me anymore. Being you're own attorney in a foreclosure is rough, being your own attorney in a murder trial is indescribable. Especially this always being alone shit, it sucks beyond description.

May 7, 2011

Local NV homeowner Loan Mod victim files claim against the Surety Bond [step-by-step]

Everyone please read this story. I have often said this stuff works, see for your self. If the bond compnay does not pay then go to the Dept. of Insurance and they have ALWAYS made them pay in EVERY case I have used them.
Here is a very short You tube video that may help people understand CUSIP.

Thanks to Michelle for finding this.

April 29, 2011

I will be a t the seminar all weekend so I may not respond to emails. I am attaching the file I have provided for the attendees concerning notary complaints. There is a lot of useful information in it.

I believe the notary complaint is mandatory no matter what process you use to fight the banks. It establishes that at least somewhere in the foreclosure process the banks have purposefully committed fraud; and "fraud vitiates everything." All though the courts are not as responsive to the facts and for one reason or another seem to believe that corrupt bankers have the same bullshit immunity that corrupt judges and prosecutors have, it still helps.

Even if it does not help much in your case, the $5000 to $15000 you could get by capturing the notary's bond won't hurt.

I have been informed that my jokes concerning Jack Daniels and fornication are not well accepted. Oh well. I spend almost my whole life helping people and trying to save our country and get less in return then the guy you buy your hamburgers thru a window from. In all honesty, my life sucks far beyond what most people could handle. So I joke, and yes, I do occasionally drink. As far as the fornication, I wish, but so far not much luck in that department.

The documents should give you a good working knowledge of how to go after the notary and their bond.

June 23, 2011
Show Me the Loan Clarification and Sample of a Forensic Exam From John Stuart