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1 month of workshops

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6 months of workshops

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Fighting Foreclosure Fraud
Sunday and Tuesday Workshops
Join us every Sunday and Tuesday in Phoenix Arizona
Live via our internet webcast

Sunday  | 10AM cst
Mock Court | 12:35PM to 2:PM
Tuesday  | 6PM  to 9PM cst 2 breaks

Bring a thumb drive/laptop to download documents etc., 
Free Wi-Fi provided, A library of educational materials,
documents, examples of pleadings, etc.

Come learn from the man that created this doctrine!
Learn about the Notary Complaint process

John Stuart
(whose knowledge is sought out by attorneys)
will teach "SHOW ME THE LOAN" doctrine and how the Notary's acknowlegments are false and fraudulent.

John Stuart will conduct a
“Mock Court” to elaborate on the use of the
material covered and to provide court rehearsals
you dont want to go to court unprepared
and without some practice.


To register, make a suggested donation of
$25.00 or more which allows access to a month of meetings and workshops

Registration Instructions

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John Stuart (or blank),
c/o 10407 W. Trumbull Rd. 
Tolleson, Arizona (85353)
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Seating is limited 

John Stuart is not involved in any political and/or legal groups and
does not give legal advice.

You will learn concepts lawyers and bankers do not want you to know.

Bring a thumb drive or laptop
to download documents etc., 

Free Wi-Fi provided, A library
of educational materials, documents, examples of pleadings, etc.

Angela's version of Show
Me the Loan web site
A Month of
Workshops are
held to help spread the word about the fraud committed by the banks  and to show you have a fighting chance if you assert yourself.

John's Drill Sergeant techniques will inspire you, to say the least.
For your donation
of $25.00
or more
to all
for the
John Stuart
Jump into the ring of court room drama with John Stuart. By the time he's done with you, you will have a very good grasp of what you are up against. It wont be easy, but no one ever said it would be. Fighting for what's right and for what's yours and winning is what this is all about.
You will learn about the banking and document fraud that proves conclusively you NEVER received a "LOAN" and the Banksters did "BUY" your Promissory Note.