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Join us for a day of education in Arizona
Phoenix Main Public Library, Burton Barr branch
1221 North Central Avenue
Fourth Floor lecture hall
Phoenix, Arizona (85004)

Saturday June 11, 2011
9:30AM to 3:30PM

Come learn from the man that created this doctrine!
Learn why and how You NEVER received a "LOAN"
and the Bank exchanged your PROMISSORY NOTE
for the HOME

John Stuart (whose knowledge
is sought out by attorneys)will teach
"SHOW ME THE LOAN" doctrine including the Notary Complaint process.

This event will fill up fast. 100% of the previous guests voted this
was the BEST seminar they have ever attended. You will learn concepts
lawyers and bankers do not want you to know. This may be the LAST
seminar by John Stuart before he enters working society.


This seminar is being held to help spread the word about the fraud
committed by the banks and the donations will be used for continuing 
       research into how to stop the banks from stealing our homes.

To pre-register, make a donation of
$150.00 per individual and or couple

Paypal or Money Orders:  Send by mail (prefer certified or registered for
safety, but it’s your decision) or other carrier to:
John Stuart (or blank),
c/o 10407 W. Trumbull Rd. 
Tolleson, Arizona (85353)
for your convenience, Paypal

John Stuart is not involved in any political and/or legal
groups and does not give legal advice.

Go to Johns Official site to make payment
You will learn concepts lawyers and bankers do not want you to know.
Fighting Foreclosure Fraud
1-Day Seminar/Workshop and Webinar
June 11, 2011 Phoenix, Arizona
John Stuart
John will be going over why the "Show Me the Note" defense /offense should not work and is a moot point.  He will explain how to go after the Banksters for the "Show Me the LOAN" concept, among other issues and topics relating to the fraudulent, felonious and criminal Foreclosure activities of the Banksters and their Attorneys.
Watch for updates on the
My Private Audio web site
and at and see the posts with the
subject line: SEMINAR UPDATE

Please share this info with
your friends and groups that might be interested.
You will learn about the banking and document fraud that proves conclusively you NEVER received a "LOAN" and the Banksters did "BUY" your Promissory Note.

"Show Me the LOAN" is what We should be screaming. 

June 11, 2011  9am to 3:30pm,
leave the library by 4pm.

Burton Barr Central Library
1221 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, Arizone 85004, (same as last seminar place and time).

Coffee, water, juice, soda, bagels and cream cheese and donuts will be provided. No lunch break. 3 or 4 short breaks.

We will cover:
1. notary complaints: the documents, the process, what to do, how to do it, why it works, etc.
2. Bond claims
3. Dept. of Financial Institution complaints

Bring your documents this time, there will be a hands on segment so people can check there own documents for errors. We will base it on Arizona law so those dealing with notaries in other states must read their state laws and follow accordingly.

We have room for 50 people to ATTEND and 95 people to WATCH. First sign, first served. You will receive the seminar file after you sign up. We will not be recording this one since so many people don't come and just wait for the recording. Financially, it has done us to much harm. We need to get some funds together to keep the site alive.

We are asking a $150 donation for those either attending or watching on the Internet. If you cannot make a complete donation, let us know what you can afford. Try to at least donate $100 so we can afford to cover those that can't donate enough. I prefer you go thru Paypal on the website, or you can send US Postal money order to:

John Stuart
10407 West Trumbull Road
Tolleson, Arizona (85353)

How to sign up:

NOTE; every time most of the people just refuse to do it the way we need it done. please follow the instructions below:

Please follow these instructions exactly. It is not that difficult and makes it easier on us.

send an email to and include the following information in this format:

in the subject box put :               ATTEND or WATCH

in the body put:                          John Smith      602-123-4567     $150  Payapl confirmation # 123456789

For the people that are the acting staff for the event, let me know if you are going to be able to help.

Do not send an email there for questions, I will not respond to them from that account. Send questions to this email account.

Please send this email to your other groups.

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