updated: July 12, 2014
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Jack Bauer's
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Mike Golden Memorial
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Mike Golden
AKA Jack Bauer
Michael Golden AKA Jack Bauer 12/19/1957 - 04/11/2013  Rest in Peace My Friend
04/11/13 | This is all we know so far. Jack's Friend Brian said  "I was with him last night and he was fine but this morning I woke up at 7:45am and he was in his chair, dead; no response from him whatsoever. I was scared and I called 911"  (His heart gave out)

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Memorial Service for

Michael "Jack Bauer" Golden
will be held at

Victory Christian
Fellowship Church
4950 E Ashlan Ave
Fresno CA 93726

3:00pm, Saturday
May 4th 2013

Please spread the word to any friends that may want to attend.

For questions and information, please feel free to contact his eldest daughter Shannon Golden at (760)458-1331.