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{county notary:772} Undeniably the Best Grasp of the Estate and Executor Office that I've Seen - Re: Thank you for the Executor / Estate Information
Hello Folk's,

I hope that Curtis doesn't mind my posting his statements, understanding, questions and my responses to same.
This individual man has the Best Grasp of the Estate and Executor Office that I've seen thus far....
See, my responses within his original message below in blue

enjoy, learn and profit thereby....

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Executor to protect and or defend this position and the holder of the office?
Yes, Exactly and Well Stated....
If so, then there would or should be no reason to ever need to consider a legal action from a lower system as the Office of Executor, it would appear, has the authority to submit either an order or request to lower office enforcement holders to perform corrective actions.  This would mean to my understanding that the Office of Executor would be the “Court” as the Sovereign is in equality.
Yes, See the Definition of Court in Black's that states = the Sovereign with their Real Retinue Wherever They May Be - is the Executor Office....
If logic follows to this point then operating in the Office, would entail that all acts or actions of the executor, are done to expand or increase the estate.
Yes, and Better Our Fellow Man and Womb-man as Commanded by the First Executor of the First Estate - yahshua...
This would then allow the executor to operate in commerce under normal life, with honor and truth, in positions of employment or self exchange or in no position if that is their choice, as long as no harm is caused.
Yes, BUT Commerce is the Law Merchant and OPPOSIT The Golden Rule....
If this is true then one would be able to operate without needing as much and working with others could operate much more simply and equally with other executors in exchange.  OK, as with other's as an Association or Assembly....
This would probably require a large shift in conscious thought of most folks to stop trying to become “wealthy” or of higher status or other egocentrically centered positions but does appear to lead to a position of higher understanding for each person.
You mean man or womb-man? Since you've Rejected that term in your location description - And There-in lies the Obstacles - Ego's, Personalities, Greed, Avarice and others as well as man's Deluded Quest to be GOD
Please let me know if I am on the right track or if I am just not getting it so I can go back and listen to more of your previous details again to get it more appropriately understood. 
One follow up question, if one could not bring an action into a bar-fly court, could one bring it before a common law court?
No - common law as all other manly concepts of law are Inferior....
On another note, your address change points to minor outlying islands, would this not be still considered to be within the bar-fly zone of control?  It appears to still be within their listed areas of influence and so does not appear to change much.
Ah, good you got another slightly incorrect - the United States Minor Outlying Islands is designated as a country and is Landed not corporate and foreign to any Worldly Address or jurisdiction -
general-post office is the Estate's Private Post Office -
the ZIP+4 designation is the Post Master's Private Mail Drop at -9998

Thank you for your time.

Curtis Lee Executor - Expressly Reserving All Liberties.
A Man and A Living Spirit. Not a person, human-being,
corporation or other type of abomination! a Private Dweller!
Who is Not For Public Use! Foreign to the UNITED STATES, INC.,
as an Independent international location upon United States Minor, Outlying Islands and non-domestic to the District of Columbia.
Ps, hope you don’t mind, I borrowed from your signature.
It is displayed to all who will see what it is - for their use, if they so choose....
Husband & Wife

The wife and I are common law married living in a state that dosen't recognize it. She is divorced and her ex did a immediate danger on her when he had the kids and the courts granted it so now he has the kids. I would like to know if I should put my name down as the executor or her name with executix and then in the second paragraph after act as trustee NAME estate do I put you are here by warranted to returned the children to the NAME, estate together with a certified copy.......

No, the Marriage LICENSE Merges the Estates - you have no standing regarding her estate...

Common Law Marriage, although the Best Choice is not helpful here...

Either her father, one of his brother's or absent their living - she is the Executrix...

But the father is over the Estates of the Children... until as stated before...

-------Original Message-------

From: Curtis
Date: 10/21/2010 12:29:37 AM
Subject: Thank you for the Executor / Estate Information

I have recently been introduced to your information.  I am very impressed with your knowledge and very appreciative of the time and information that you have shared in the past.  I understand how difficult it is to keep telling folks the same information over and over and then having them not understand how it pertains or should relate to their situation.  I have come to the understanding and personal conclusion, that people do not want to know but want to be told.  Unfortunately, this is a product of the education and training of our society.  I am not well versed in the Trust or Estate areas but I grasp your concepts, I believe, and am interested in trying to put one more issue that I have to rest.  I hope this is not too much of a problem to clarify for me.
I have heard that you believe that one should not think about trying to go after the bar-fly or other aspects within their court system if one has sent or began to operate within the Office of Executor.
As a hopeful understanding of this, I am hoping you can verify for certain whether my understanding of why this is so is enumerated below sufficiently appropriately.
The Estate is a realm of action that is a combining of the physical and spiritual aspects of each individual. yes
Every being has an estate that is their inheritance and the Birth Certificate is the main document that guides or shows the estate is in existence?
The CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH or LIVE BIRTH CERTIFICATE is the PUBLIC Record of the Estate and that it is Probated..  It is recognition by the World of the Grantor's [foot prints] Will....
The estate is something that is older than any form of law or legal issue that is in or around the world today and has been passed down through generations.
From yahweh Himself actually but yes
As such no form of law can access or penetrate the truth of the estate.
Only Scripture - yes
The Office of Executor is or appears to be as high or higher than the term of Sovereign (ie ruler) as some understand it?
Correct or Pope, KING or any other Illusion of Man's superiority
With this level of power, the Office is in a position to operate on equal or higher rank than any other as long as it is done in honor and without causing or creating harm or problems for others?
Exactly, in Private or Public,,, Which is Why We've Warned People to Not Attempt to Utilize the Estate for Impure Intent - Evil or Selfish Intent Will Come Right Back into Their Face FULL FORCE...
As such, one cannot operate as the holder of the Office and then attempt to operate in a different capacity also, ie. as a trustee or beneficiary in a trust or even in a different capacity such as damaged party or citizen or something in order to be able to bring a legal action into something that would be termed as a lower court with less power than the Office of Executor.  (Would this not be indicative of having a double mind? A house divided cannot stand.)
Yes, Exactly Double-Minded,,, This is PRECISELY what the BAR-Fly's have done to us - lured us into functioning in a trustee capacity under the Social Security TRUST that we are then held liable for the charges...
If this is correct up to here then as the Office of Executor, it would stand to reason (from my limited perspective) that all lower offices or false offices are naturally bound to perform the highest level of service possible for the Executor to protect and or defend this position and the holder of the office?


Hello Folk's,

Here is the Statutory Admission that the Estate's and Executor Office's are Completely Immune From the BAR-Fly Jurisdiction of the United States and it's States....

Which is Just What the Tennessee Supreme Court Said,,,,,

This is the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act,,,,,,

The Estate and the Man Functioning in the Executor Office - When Located at General-Post Office, United States Minor, Outlying Islands at ZIP+4 [00000-9998[ are Foreign State'S = Estate's and Executor's,

When reading the words, SUBSTITUTE "Estate" for
the word state EVEYWHERE...

-------Original Message-------

From: Danny
Date: 11/3/2010 12:38:54 PM
To: clerance
Subject: Frend in jail

Hi David,  Danny here on Texas, my frend that's in jail   .... the letter was served on the court adminstrator, c.c. to Tex. Gov. and A/G after service my frend was moved from county lock up to the Tex. Prison System it has been ten (10) days and no response from any office.

Jail would not let my frend sign the letter, his wife talked to a notary, notary said wife could sign for husband and she did ??

Commit please, thanks   ...   Danny

His wife talked to a notary, notary said wife could sign for husband and she did ??

Ask the DAM NOTARY PUBLIC their making decisions over our instructions,,,

From: Andrew
Date: 11/3/2010 12:27:02 PM
Subject: Re: {county notary:821} TITLE 28 > PART IV > CHAPTER 97 CHAPTER 97—JURISDICTIONAL IMMUNITIES OF FOREIGN STATES - When Located at General-Post Office, United States Minor, Outlying Islands at ZIP+4 [00000-9998[ You Are Foreign State'S = Estate's and

Hello David,

I'm from Australia and I'm having problems trying to locate a Statutory Admission that the Estate's and Executor Office's are Completely Immune from the BAR-Fly Jurisdiction.  Possibly because we here in Australia don't seem to have any Outlying Islands that have sovereign/independent status with jurisdictional separation to the mainland. Hopefully I am wrong about it, but all my efforts  to find such territory thus far have been to no avail.
Our FOREIGN STATES IMMUNITIES ACT 1985 - S3 Interpretations Act , a COMMONWEALTH ACT of Australia, defines a foreign State  as a country as the territory of which is outside Australia , being a country that is:

(a)  an independent sovereign state; or
(b)  a separate territory (whether or not it is self-governing) that is not part of an independent sovereign state.
Under PART II S9 of said Act, "IMMUNITY FROM JURISDICTION - General immunity from jurisdiction", it simply states the following;

General immunity from jurisdiction

                  Except as provided by or under this Act, a foreign State is immune from the jurisdiction of the courts of Australia in a proceeding.

Then under S10 of the Act, Submission to jurisdiction, it states:

            (1)  A foreign State is not immune in a proceeding in which it has submitted to the jurisdiction in accordance with this section

Then the rest of the subsections of S10 pertain to the foreign State being considered under Australian jurisdiction only by their consent in one way or another.

So in accordance with that Act, unless a foreign/sovereign State consents to their jurisdiction then they have non over them.  But the problem is that the Act does NOT make mention of the power or right of a Estate's Executor.  Matter of fact, the word Executor does not exist in that Act, I checked it all.

But in the spirit of judiciary, just because something does not exist in any public Act does not mean that it doesn't exist somewhere in their private.  So I continued searching...

In Wikipedia, under "List of sovereign states and dependent territories in Oceania", of which both Australia and New Zealand are listed under as sovereign States, I also found most ALL of the United States Outlying Islands listed there too!!

So my question is, would you say that Australians can ALSO use the "United States Outlying Islands" address that's in your Executor letter/lein, given we are BOTH part of the Oceania group of United States Outlying Islands?

I know that may sound like a silly question given the seemingly obviousness I just expressed, but I value your word David and I want to be as sure as I can on this issue before executing such a letter here.

Thank you for all your efforts, sincerely, you are a blessing to us all.



Are our bodies not composed of mostly Water and the remainder from the Earth???

You Are a Walking, Talking Independent Island, Country, Nation or Independent State,,,,,

You may not enjoy the same Distinction that we do here - I do not have any research of Australian history on which to base an opinion or knowledge with which to help you...

I believe that Australian Birth Certificates and Social Security is similar as those of the U.S. and Canada -

So It's There Somewhere - Mate,,,

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From: Steven
Date: 10/31/2010 9:51:30 AM
To: david clarence
Subject: Origins and History of General Post

This really help me with understanding, of your discovery, the importance of the use; "General Post Office".
You may have seen it before but if not, perhaps you will find it useful for others.

Before reading this I had no idea of the use of the word "post" in the scriptures. What I understand now is the "General Post Office" is ordained by Yahweh. That is so cool! The first use of the word "post" in the sense of "a runner" shows up in Job 9:25 then again in Jeremiah. 51:31.

I got into Jeremiah 51 and boy, to me it describes perfectly what we are observing with our very eyes and ears today. In verse 51:27 the scripture mentions "a standard"; Strong's 5251: "something lifted up, standard, signal, signal pole, ensign, banner, sign, sail, a) standard (as rallying point), signal", I can't help but believe that the knowledge you have received from Yahweh regarding "The Estate" is exactly what is mentioned here and it will destroy "Mystery Babylon"; Worldly Commerce.

Just my thoughts, back to studying.

All Glory and Blessings to Yahweh,
Steven, expressly Trusting in Him.

Hello Folk's,

Here is an Excellent Explanation of general-post office,,,,,,

Study, Reflect and Absorb this,,,,,,,

The general post office has its beginnings in scripture.
Jeremiah 51:31, "One post shall run to meet another, and one messenger to meet another, to shew the king of Babylon that his city is taken at one end..."
A "post" is another name for a courier:

Thank you Steven for this,,,,,


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