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IRS Issues

by Angela Stark on 07/22/10

Discussion about IRS Issues

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1. Jay Spencer said on 8/17/10 - 10:38AM
I no longer *have* IRS issues. The IRS now gives me a refund of all federal taxes withheld, including social security and medicare. (See and my blog at
2. sherrie said on 8/20/10 - 07:45PM
i sent in an a4v on my property and got back a frivolous filing from the irs help.
3. Angela said on 8/21/10 - 05:57AM
I would conditionally accept their offer of a friv pen upon proof of claim that what you did was frivolous. But that's me. Anyone that does AFV on anything and not understanding what they are doing, and are not able to answer a challenge about it, SHOULD NOT DO IT.
4. sherrie said on 8/22/10 - 04:20PM
thank you ever so much. i understand a letter is in order. just for curiosity sake is there any legal documents we may need to send with the letter?
5. Angela said on 8/22/10 - 08:16PM
No. Just go thru the letter point by point and ask for proof that you did that particular thing. I conditionally accept your offer upon proof of claim that....
6. sherrie said on 8/23/10 - 06:15AM
i know that Tim Turner has an I R S form that he used with his reply. it may be Doug Riddle , after 4 or 5 years of this stuff it all blends in a bit. i have red and listened to so much it all becomes a blurr in some places. you are one person that i have a lot of respect . i am just now trying this out and i am happy that you are able to help. is there anything that you can refresh my memory with , something i may miss?
7. Angela said on 8/27/10 - 12:28PM
Yes. Please do not do it until you can answer your own questions. Study study study.
8. jo said on 12/20/10 - 06:07AM
hi , my b/f has a lien on his home in nj . how do i go about geting it off , we are selling the home and what the irs is asking is outrages . I have read so much on line , but i need to do it right . They just filed a notice without a court order .
9. Melinda Smith said on 11/16/12 - 12:34AM
Great site! Job well done.
10. Bill said on 4/21/13 - 08:03AM
I took a copy of my UCC-1 into my employer and they declared me tax exempt. At least that part of the "Redemption Package" worked. Haven't noticed any success with A4V. Then EFT got shot down. Looks like there is no remedy to discharge debt.

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