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Going to Court

by Angela Stark on 07/22/10

Going to Court - Court Discussions

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1. Rachel said on 9/18/10 - 07:52PM
I have a question. I am already in foreclosure and have responded to the bank, and their attorney challanging standing per John Stuart method. The other day they reasponded through the attorney with request for admission, documents, and interrogitories.It is just about a week before the 30 days is up for them to validate the debt. Am I obligated to answer their questions, or produce documents as they have not yet proven standing to even be in court.All they have responde with is copies of note and mortgage. Ha Ha!! ROFL I sent a second notice of demand for validation and the bank came back with request for interrogitores et. I am filing my complaint with FBI, and recording it on Monday with the Notice of completion and the fornsic audit. Then I put that in the court. But how should I respond back to the bank about the docs. etc. they want, don't want to wait until the last minute? Any advice is appreciated. Rachel
2. Angela said on 9/18/10 - 08:07PM
I think you would be better off asking John Stuart tomorrow on our evening call. Did you send them the Demand for cancellation letter?

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