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by Angela Stark on 07/22/10

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1. Nt Aloha said on 7/23/10 - 07:38PM
WS always makes sense to me; he says as long as you have all the information on the 'creditor' you can use a napkin to do a AFV. I'm sending out AFV on my credit report from Experian. Welcome comments.
2. Angela said on 7/24/10 - 06:42AM
Did they send you a bill for something? I dont understand why you would afv your credit report.
3. Nt Aloha said on 7/24/10 - 11:29AM
Based on what WS says, produce a AFV on a napkin, the credit report has all the necessary info i.e. acct. no., creditor, address and my name and the amount outstanding. IMHO I don't think you have to do it on a presentment 'sent' to you, do it on a napkin or on a blank piece of paper with the information necessary.
4. Angela said on 7/24/10 - 08:28PM
I think what he meant is that all the information you need is there to see who to send your AFV's to. Not afv on the credit report. Yes you can do it on a napkin or whatever, but not to the Reporting agency. Send it to whoever sends you a bill.
5. Angela said on 7/24/10 - 08:32PM
the reporting agency has no way to discharge the debts. Only the ones that send you a bill/presentment can do that. You asked for the credit report.They didn't send it to you for collection on anything.
6. Crystal said on 7/28/10 - 03:16AM
When you respond to an irs presentment with an A4V money order, and they ignore it by sending you a notice of levy, or lien, etc., what can be done? And how does one stop their levy when they ignored and A4V m.o. as well? Thank you.
7. Angela said on 7/30/10 - 06:32PM
Doug would say to AFV it. Angela would send it certified mail with return receipt. That way they cant say they didn't receive it.
8. Robert said on 10/26/10 - 04:12AM
Does A4V proceedure work in Canada?
9. sssss said on 12/2/10 - 01:04AM
I sent in a A4V money order on a home depot credit card. I sent in a cover letter with the liber number as a secured party creditor, registered mail number and bond number, and $1 dollar stamps on it to put it in the jurisdiction of the UPU. Did I do the right thing?
10. Lynn said on 1/15/11 - 05:56PM
Is it possible to A4V a morgage?
11. mike said on 12/21/11 - 04:05AM
Hi, please i would need some can i do to use it doug riddle's A4V? I saw the sample....but i don't know how to use there someone that can help me? Thanks!
12. Bildo said on 4/16/13 - 04:49PM
I became an SPC in Sept of 2009 and have had no luck with A4V. Lately, it was said that EFT was the way to go. Now that is apparently no good. It seems like every time we find something that works they change the rules of the game.

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